Beat Saber is changing forever for Oculus Quest players later this year

Beat Saber Multiplayer
Beat Saber Multiplayer

What you need to know

  • The original Oculus Quest will no longer have access to Beat Saber's multiplayer as of November 2, 2024.
  • Beat Saber leaderboards may also be phased out for Oculus Quest players.
  • Developer Beat Games says it's doing this to "focus our development efforts on our next projects within Beat Saber."

For the past three years, Beat Saber players have enjoyed slicing blocks in friendly competition alongside players in the game's multiplayer mode. Beat Saber's multiplayer mode has allowed cross-platform play since the beginning, but Oculus Quest players will no longer have access to the feature as of November 2, 2024.

Developer Beat Games announced on  X (via UploadVR) that they would be moving forward to "focus our development efforts on our next projects within Beat Saber." While Beat Saber's most recent updates have mainly been in the form of new music packs, it seems the developers are planning something big, possibly to coincide with the seven-year anniversary of the game next May.

Oculus Quest gamers will still be able to play Beat Saber multiplayer if they play the game on a PC using the SteamVR or Oculus Rift versions of the game.

Beat Saber has long been one of the best Meta Quest games and is consistently at the top of the best-seller lists for every VR headset in existence. Meta recently announced that it would be phasing out the original Oculus Quest, starting with prohibiting new game development as of this month (May), while major support will be sunset for the headset this August.

The Oculus Quest has been around for five years, but it began receiving waning support from developers after the Meta Quest 2 debuted in 2020. Now that the Meta Quest 3 is out, the Meta Quest 2 is starting down the path to obsolescence, as well, with several 2024 VR games skipping support for Meta's second-generation standalone VR headset.

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