PS5 to finally get 1440p support in latest update

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What you need to know

  • The PS5's latest firmware update released today for all users after initially being available to beta testers.
  • This update adds much-requested features like 1440p support and Gamelists, which are effectively folders.
  • Later this month, the PS App on mobile will be updated to add the ability to request Share Screen and launch Remote Play.

PS5 users turning on their consoles today will have noticed a brand-new firmware update waiting to be downloaded. Beta testers have already been using these features since July, but now everyone can enjoy 1440p support, Gamelists, and much more. 

1440p video output is supported on compatible televisions and PC monitors, allowing players to experience a native 1440p resolution so long as the game supports it as well. For games that offer up to 4K native resolution, you might want to try supersampling down to 1440p to take advantage of the improved anti-aliasing, creating a smoother image without harsh pixelated edges. 

What's been a long time coming has been folders, or what are now called Gamelists on PS5. Simply by going to your game library and navigating to your collection tab, you can choose to create a Gamelist with up to 100 games in each. Players will be able to create 15 Gamelists total, and games can be added to multiple Gamelists at once, regardless of whether they are digital, disc, or streaming. This popular feature was present in the PS4 but removed when the PS5 launched, and fans have been awaiting it ever since. 

The rest of the new features include the ability to compare 3D and stereo audio, request Share Screen from a party member, and the ability to search YouTube by using Voice Command. This feature is currently only available for PS5 users in the United States and United Kingdom. 

People who frequently use the PS App on mobile will also be greeted by some new features later in the month. Sony revealed in a blog post that it's rolling out the ability to launch Remote Play and request Share Screen directly from the PS App for Android and iOS. 

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