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Fans of the Diablo series will not be too surprised to find that the recently released Diablo Immortal features a large focus on crafting the perfect build for your class. Whether you're a Barbarian who wants to deal large swathes of damage, or perhaps a Necromancer who prefers to stay back and send in minions to do your bidding, there are a surprisingly large amount of different combinations — known as "builds" — you can tinker with once you reach the endgame stages of Diablo Immortal. 

While there may be a ton of different build options and abilities to use in Diablo Immortal, there are some that are flat out more effective than others. With that in mind, we've collected some of the best builds you can create early on in Diablo Immortal, as well as an early tier list of which class you might want to play as when first jumping into the game. 

Diablo Immortal Class Tier List

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S Tier Wizard, Crusader
A Tier Nercomancer, Demon Hunter
B Tier Barbarian, Monk

Fans of certain classes may not agree with the current tier list we've compiled, especially due to the Wizard ranking so highly compared to most other lists found on the internet. However, the purpose of Diablo Immortal is to dole out damage to enemies, and the Wizard does some of, if not the absolute most, damage. Of course, it's important to note that the Wizard is not as beefy as other classes, and players will have to play the ranged game in order to succeed here. 

Elsewhere, the Crusader might be the best choice for those looking for the most balanced and fun playstyle, with its ability to play in any setting. The Necromancer, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Monk are all excellent choices for early gameplay, although the Necromancer and Demon Hunter's range and damage drop-off in solo settings can be a bit frustrating. 

Of course, it's important to note that, as is the case with any game, these tier lists are subject to change and will likely do so once more patches and updates are made to Diablo Immortal. 

Best Barbarian Build

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Header Cell - Column 0 Solo Build PvP Build Group Build
Primary Skills Lacerate Frenzy Lacerate
Secondary Skills Sprint, Whirlwind, Wrath of the Berserker, and Hammer of the AncientsWhirlwind, Wrath of the Berserker, Undying RageWhirlwind, Demoralize, Sprint, and Wrath of the Berserker
Attributes Strength, Fortitude, VitalityStrength, Fortitude, VitalityStrength, Fortitude, Vitality

Just as their name implies, Barbarians are all about jumping into the fight, dealing out some heavy damage, and clearing enemies for their team. Because of that, you're not going to see too much variance when it comes to early builds for this class, with nearly every build featuring Lacerate as its Primary Attack, especially due to its ability to heal you for every third hit you land on anyone (and since you'll be in the middle of fights often, that's a huge boost). 

Mostly every build also features abilities like Whirlwind, Wrath of the Berseker, and Sprint, all of which help not only keep your enemies on their backfoot, but also keep you constantly attacking, which is necessary whether you're alone, with a group, or going up against other players. Whether it be Whirlwind's AoE attacks or Wrath of the Berserker's quick boost of attack and movement speeds, you'll be able to keep fighting for as long as you need to. 

As far as gems go for Barbarians, the selection is also mostly the same across the board early on in Diablo Immortal's time. Players will want to utilize gems like Trickshot Gem, Everlasting Torment, Fervent Fang, Berserker's Eye, Lightning Core, or The Hunger, all of which either help your attacks do extra damage or grant you health upon taking down enemies. 

Best Monk Build

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Header Cell - Column 0 Solo BuildPvP BuildGroup Build
Primary SkillsFists of ThunderFists of ThunderFists of Thunder
Secondary Skills Exploding Palm, Imprisoned Fist, Seven-Sided StrikeImprisoned Fist, Seven-Sided Strike, Cyclone Strike, Mystic Strike Mystic Allies, Inner Sanctuary, Mystic Strike, Seven-Sided Strike
Attributes Strength, Vitality, WillpowerStrength, Vitality, WillpowerStrength, Vitality, Willpower

Monks will not likely be the first choice many fans make when it comes to picking a character, but that doesn't mean they aren't useless. Should you put the time into playing and leveling up this class, you'll be rewarded with quite possibly one of the best support classes in all of Diablo Immortal. 

The biggest bonuses to any Monk class come in what they can do for other people. While they are playable solo, it's not going to be the easiest time making your way through some of the endgame content all by yourself. However, with a group, Monks offer excellent mobility, the ability to apply debuffs and knockback to enemies, and a high enough attack speed to keep enemies down while your teammates help clean things up. With that in mind, Strength, Vitality, and Willpower are the attributes you're going to want to focus on, the latter of which improves the duration and effectiveness of your debuffs, which will help in big battles. 

As far as abilities go, Fists of Thunder is going to be the go-to primary skill throughout your time as a Monk, mainly because it allows you to constantly move around and deal damage without being stuck in one spot. Exploding Palm is another ability that is in most builds, as it deals out quite a bit of damage while also inflicting Bleed on enemies. Finally, the Seven-Sided Strike ability can also be useful in a variety of builds, although you'll want to save that for when you're dealing with a large group of enemies, as the damage drops off if you hit the same enemy with multiple attacks. 

When it comes to gems, Chained Death is going to be the first one you want to go after, followed up by Fervent Fang, both of which boost the ability you get after hitting multiple enemies (which is something you should be doing as a Monk). Other than that, Ca'arsen's Invigoration, Nightmare Wreath, Lightning Core, and Cutthroat's Grin are all great to grab. 

Best Crusader Build

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Header Cell - Column 0 Solo Build PvP Build Group Build
Primary Skill Punish Punish Punish
Secondary Skills Draw and Quarter, Conjuration of Light, Holy Banner, Spinning ShieldDraw and Quarter, Condemn, Falling Sword, ConsecrationDraw and Quarter, Spinning Shield, Holy Banner, Consecration
Attributes Strength, Fortitude, VitalityStrength, Fortitude, VitalityStrength, Fortitude, Vitality

Perhaps the most versatile class in all of Diablo Immortal, Crusaders can be built to be any number of things to their team, but it will really come down to how players want to go about using their Crusader. 

As a solo player, you'll get the most out of this class by using abilities like Draw and Quarter, Conjuration, or Falling Sword, the latter of which will help you take down large groups of enemies thanks to some impressive AoE abilities. In PvP settings, however, you may want to switch it up, and focus on the Crusader's ability to be effective from far away thanks to abilities like Draw and Quarter, which sees you mounting a celestial horse and being able to get away from any fights you might not like. 

When it comes to gems, you're going to definitely want to find and rank up Everlasting Torrent, which pairs extremely well with the Crusader's Holy Banner ability, applying a debuff to enemies whenever you hit them with a critical strike. As is the case with nearly every other build, Fervent Fang is also a great gem to socket early on, as it helps build your damage up against a single foe, which can be huge if you're tasked with going into battles against bigger and more powerful enemies. 

Best Demon Hunter Build

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Solo Build PvP Build Group Build
Primary SkillCrossbow Shot Crossbow Shot Crossbow Shot
Secondary Skills Multishot, Rain of Vengeance, Knockback Shot, VengeanceKnife Trap, Rain of Vengeance, Multishot, and Daring SwingMultishot, Rain of Vengeance, Daring Swing, Vengeance
Attributes Strength, Fortitude, VitalityStrength, Fortitude, VitalityStrength, Fortitude, Vitality

Demon Hunters operate as some of the best DPS (damage per second) classes in all of Diablo Immortal, and therefore the variance in builds aren't going to be as high as with some other classes. Instead, you'll want to focus heavily on skills that deal out as much damage as possible, which is why the Crossbow Shot remains the Primary Skill throughout every build. 

When it comes to secondary skills, Multishot and Vengeance remain through nearly every build you make, as the latter makes your primary attacks fire off two additional crossbows, giving you extra damage as well as more DPS. Multishot, on the other hand, helps out with damage as well, as does Knockback Shot, which not only gives you some damage, but also pushes enemies further back and away from you, making it good for both PvP and solo play. 

Gem-wise, Demon Hunters are going to also want to find and equip Everlasting Torment early on, as it boosts up the critical hit every chance you get and applies the Agony debuff to enemies, which raises attack speeds when dealing critical hits, making it not only easier for you to get them, but also allowing you to attack faster when you do. 

Best Wizard Build

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Header Cell - Column 0 Solo Build PvP Build Group Build
Primary Skill Magic Missile Magic Missile Magic Missile
Secondary Skills Meteor, Arcane Wind, Teleport, Ice ArmorMeteor, Arcane Wind, Teleport, Ice Armor Meteor, Arcane Wind, Teleport, Black Hole
Attributes Intelligence, VitalityIntelligence, VitalityIntelligence, Vitality

As a solo build, the Wizard may not have many fans. However, damage-wise, the Wizard is perhaps one of the strongest classes in all of Diablo Immortal, and pairs extremely well with groups and even in some PvP settings. No matter the scenario, you're going to want to use the Wizard's Magic Missile and Teleport, two skills that will not only keep you at a distance but also allow you to get out of trouble should you ever find yourself crowded by enemies. 

For those playing in a group, you might want to incorporate Black Hole into your skill slots, as its AoE attack and damage can help out a team in a tough time of need. Arcane Wind is also a great ability, as it helps create a zone of attack for your teammates to focus on thanks to its firestorms, allowing you to deal some critical damage while also freeing up your teammates to dole out some damage of their own. 

Wizards looking for Gems will want to focus on Chained Death as their first grab, but will also want Gems like Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, and Seled's Weakening, all of which help boost attack. Lightning Core — a Gem you get access to pretty early in the game — is also a major boon for Wizards, as it helps boost AoE damage by giving you a slightly wider range from which to attack from. 

Best Necromancer Build

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Header Cell - Column 0 Solo Build PvP Build Group Build
Primary Skill Soulfire Soulfire Bone Spear
Secondary Skills Command Skeletons, Skeleton Mage, Bone Spikes, Corpse Explosion Bone Armor, Command Skeletons, Wraith Form, Bone Wall Command Skeletons, Command Golem, Corpse Explosion, Dark Curse
Attributes Intelligence, Vitality, Fortitude Intelligence, Vitality, Fortitude Intelligence, Vitality, Fortitude

Another incredible DPS class, Necromancers probably play best in a solo setting due to the sheer amount of damage they can inflict thanks to their abilities. A large portion of the Necromancer's abilities come in the form of commanding minions to do your attacks for you, including skeletons, a mage, and even a large golem. These are all great tools to have when looking to take down enemies alone, although as you get later into the endgame content, you might begin to struggle a bit. 

While the Necromancer is probably one of the best classes to play with in a solo setting, they're also pretty useful in teams as well, if you're willing to change your playstyle. Unlike solo play, Necromancers in a team will need to focus more on sending out waves of enemies to help your team, while also utilizing skills like Corpse Explosion, which can deal out a huge amount of damage depending on how many smaller enemies have stacked up against your team. 

For Gems, Necromancers will want to focus on similar ones to that of the Wizard, namely Chained Death, Bloody Reach, Berserker's Eye, and Seled's Weakening. However, two other Gems — Freedom and Devotion and Follower's Burden — are also great choices, as they lengthen the duration of your summons and also buff your damage with each minion you raise, respectively. 

Diablo Immortal delivers the iconic game into your pocket 

Whether you're getting ready to build the perfect endgame class or just diving into it for the first time, fans of the Diablo series will feel right at home with Diablo Immortal, as the game essentially feels like a port of the main games, but shrunk down to your phone.

Thanks to its wide variety in classes and abilities, you'll get a lot of mileage out of playing the game before you even make it into the endgame content, and knowing which Gems and abilities to focus on early can help make it one of the best Android games for you. Of course, there are always helpful tips and tricks to read up on that can allow you to find even more success in the game, so be sure to check that out as well!


Diablo Immortal 

Diablo Immortal delivers the world of Diablo into the palm of your hand with some of the most surprisingly well-adapted gameplay of any mobile title. Dive back into the world of Sanctuary and get ready to take down some enemies. 

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