Best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile on Android

apex legends mobile peacekeeper
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Apex Legends Mobile features the same weapons as it does on console and PC, so players of the main game should be familiar with them. However, because the mobile version isn't a one-to-one clone, some weapons are better suited for it than on PC. We'll run through the best weapons you can pick up during a match. 

Unless you're an excellent shot, it's hard to recommend sniper rifles in Apex Legends Mobile. It's certainly easier to handle a sniper when using a mobile controller rather than touch controls, but the nature of Apex Legends Mobile and it being played on a smaller screen makes long range combat not as viable as it is on console or PC. 

R-301 Carbine

apex legends mobile 301 carbine

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The R-301 Carbine is a great all-around assault rifle that uses light ammo. Its stats sport a perfect balance between fire rate, ammo capacity, and range, though damage takes a little bit of a hit and doesn't pack quite the punch that you'd like. 

Because aiming isn't as precise in Apex Legends Mobile, its high fire rate is what really helps the R-301 Carbine. With the option to attach scopes to make it more accurate at a distance, it's perfect for newcomers and experienced players alike. 


apex legends mobile peacekeeper

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Get up close enough and you won't find a better gun that the Peacekeeper. This shotgun boasts some of the highest base damage in the game, and it will absolutely wreck anyone in its path if they're close enough. It's biggest downfall is its short range and low fire rate. 

The Peacekeeper is probably best in the hands of more experienced players who are more comfortable with close quarters combat and don't panic while they spend valuable seconds reloading. 


apex legends mobile mozambique

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Not to be fooled by its pistol-like appearance, the Mozambique is a shotgun that Apex Legends players should be familiar with. Where it differs from the Peacekeeper is that it's fully automatic and has a surprisingly high fire rate for a shotgun. Combined with its high base damage that puts it above other assault rifles and machine guns, it's a force to be reckoned with.

Like the Peacekeeper, the Mozambique is best in the hands of more experienced players who are comfortable with close range combat and have a steadier aim.  


apex legends mobile flatline

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The Flatline is another great all-around assault rifle to sit alongside the R-301 Carbine. What's nice is that it uses heavy ammo, so it can be used in tandem with the Carbine without completely wiping out your ammo pool. 

It has provides high DPS for those who want to get kills quickly, and that's crucial in a  game like Apex Legends Mobile. It's all about unloading into an enemy faster than they can you. 

Hemlok Burst

apex legends mobile hemlock burst

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The Hemlok Burst is like the Flatline's cooler cousin, featuring higher damage and a faster fire rate. It's best to use the Hemlok if you have a decent aim, as accuracy will be important to hit your target as much as possible with its 3-burst shots. 

Because it uses heavy ammo like the Flatline, this is another great weapon to complement the R-301 Carbine if you want a high DPS without chewing through ammo. 

G7 Scout

apex legends mobile g7 scout

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It has a lower fire rate than the likes of the Flatline and R-301 Carbine, but the G7 Scout makes up for it with a longer reliable range and a higher base damage. Because accuracy isn't great in Apex Legends Mobile, it's hard to recommend any type of sniper rifle, so this is the next best thing. 

As a marksman rifle, you get the best of both worlds: it packs a punch and is great at a distance. Though it can be used as a pseudo-sniper rifle with the right scope, it's not for beginners who are still learning the ropes and have less steady aim. Thankfully, its fire rate makes it more forgiving than other sniper rifles and shotguns. 

Comparing weapons

apex legends mobile weapon comparison

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If you're ever curious about how weapons compare to one another, you can easily check in the loadout menu. You can select any two weapons and compare their damage, precision, range, rate of fire, and ammo capacity. This also allows you to view any attachments that the weapon can have, like a new scope or an extended magazine. 

Gear up and jump in

Respawn is set to support Apex Legends Mobile for the foreseeable future with multiple seasons of content independent from Apex Legends. It's unclear whether maps or Legends will make their way from Apex Legends to the mobile version or if it's getting entirely new content, but it did launch with a mobile exclusive Legend, Fade. Whatever the case, it's time to gear up and take out the competition. 


Apex Legends Mobile

Equip the best weapons and start dominating the competition in Apex Legends Mobile, a wonderful companion to its console and PC counterpart designed for mobile devices. 

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