Apex Legends Mobile gets new exclusive Legend going into Season 2

Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody
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What you need to know

  • Apex Legends Mobile's Season 2 is dropping soon, but no exact date has been given.
  • Respawn announced today that a new mobile-first Legend, Rhapsody, will be joining the fray.
  • There will also be a new mobile map called Pythas Block 0.
  • She will be the second mobile-first Legend following Fade in Season 1.

Apex Legends Mobile is continuing the trend of introducing mobile-exclusive features with its upcoming second season. Respawn announced Thursday that Season 2 will be getting a new Legend and map, which will both bring players a more futuristic and punk feel.

The highlight of the Distortion launch trailer, which you can watch below, is the announcement of Rhapsody, a new mobile-first Legend. She's a DJ who used her love of music to rise to power in Neon Dunes, a violent nightlife district and what looks to be the setting for the new map. Every Legend has their own reasons for competing in the Apex Games; Rhapsody's involves helping to pay back her family's debt after her mother was fired from Pythas Inc., a company that dominates the area. She also has an AI bot named Rowdy, which you can check out in the trailer.

We don't know much yet about the new map, called Pythas Block 0, whether it'll be a mobile-only map, or if it'll be exclusive to certain game modes like Deathmatch. However, it looks to bring an entirely different atmosphere to Apex Legends.

Rhapsody is the second mobile-first Legend to hit Apex Legends Mobile. The first was Fade, who was built for the mobile platform and excels with fast movement and an Ultimate ability that allows him to easily escape a deadly fight or take an enemy team out for a few seconds. 

It's unclear what Rhapsody's kit will look like, or what the new map will include. We can assume that both will be set up for the different skillset required for Apex Legends Mobile versus the main game. Like Fade, we expect Rhapsody to be unlockable via currency or the battle pass. 

Respawn added in a press release that more information will be revealed at a later date, but players can expect new content, weapon balances, new game modes, a new ranking system, and other additions.

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