GameStop developing Android gaming tablet

Games retailer GameStop is planning on making the leap over to gaming hardware with the help of Android, according to a report from The upcoming tablet will apparently ship with a bundled controller, and will be the "GameStop certified gaming platform".

The inclusion of a physical controller sees GameStop going after the mainstream "triple-A" gaming market, rather than the touchscreen-focused titles that are currently available on Android devices. What's more, the focus on streaming gameplay to the tablet, rather than running games locally could extend the lifespan of this type of device beyond that of the average tablet.

GameStop says it's "working with developers" on the new platform, and expects to ship sometime next year.


Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • So it'll cost $500 knowing Gamestop. Everything they sell is overpriced.
  • Seems like a good idea for keeping kids occupied during long road trips
  • I think it is stupid. Why on earth will we need "YAT" (Yet Another Tablet) model?
  • They will probably give an extra 20% off on trade ins going towards this device and even if you turn in your PS3 xbox360 and nintento 3ds with all they're games it will still be a couple hundred bucks lmao
  • Instead they should develop a blue tooth controller and work with game developers and manufacturers to have it as an accessory
  • This is an infinitely better idea, given the few blue tooth controller options out there. What games will be on the tablet? Android games? Not the familiar console games that everyone who visits their b&m stores know.
  • oops double post
  • Bring on the N-Gage Tablet.
  • Well, given that it's coming from Gamestop - it's also likely to be covered with fresh coat of shit. This is clearly a stab at the game industry, who has systematically been attempting to dismantle Gamestop's used-game program. So what, Gamestop is going to build a tablet, ad-hoc on some controller support (and I imagine they'll do this poorly with some sort of cable or dongle that is only supported on this crap-let, limiting the scope of perheprials to your local Gamestop store...or if you're a real idiot - Gamestop online). Then what's the next step? Where does GS plan to license games from? It sure as hell won't be developers and publishers who are actively pursuing ways to abolish the sale of used games outside of DRM-laden eCommerce platforms (Steam, XBL, PSN and Virtual Console), and sure as hell wouldn't want to fragment the titles over yet another platform. So what do you have then - Gamestop developed games? Give me a break guys? Do what you do best, online business, in-store reserves and sell through...stop with your bullshit magazine, your new attempts to get into the used-ipod/pad market, and stop diversifying yourself right out of business. How about this, focus on your core business and make it better...rather than attempting to create yet another platform that the industry and consumer base can't/won't support.
  • Gamestop stinks for buying games, go Amazon for cheaper games and much better prices paid trading in.
  • This. Plus, Amazon won't open your new game and remove coupons they don't approve of before mailing it to you.
  • I worked at Gamestop four over 5 years the only thing they cared about was reservations for games they would have contest for that shit who could get the most its like walking into a used car dealership. This will fail
  • I've been expecting a Gamestop-branded tablet ever since they announced they were working on a streaming service. They'll probably have a set-top box too. This is Gamestop trying to make themselves over as the Netflix of gaming, and trying to avoid becoming the Hollywood Video of gaming. As with Sony, I'm not sure how they plan to balance differentiating their product from other Android offerings (the controller, for example, and some kind of exclusive content) and appealing to the huge Android audience (ensuring compatibility with existing third-party controllers, offering their streaming software on other Android devices as Amazon does with the Kindle app). But it would have to be pretty compelling for me to pay what Gamestop will be charging, either up-front or in subscription costs. 180 bucks up-front for a capable 7" gaming tablet and 10 bucks a month for unlimited game streaming, plus maybe a couple bucks extra if you want to play games in the month they're released? Sure, sign me up. But I don't think they're going to get there. We'll see. In the meantime, well, I have my Epic with MAME4Droid and the Game Gripper. (Edit: For those who don't realize it because they don't follow gaming, there are like 10 companies hoping to become the Netflix of gaming. I think Gamefly would have to buy Onlive for there to actually be one. Gamefly is doing their own streaming service too, apparently, so maybe they can pull it off.)
  • Sony should team up with the sixaxis app developer and get the analog sticks working in Android. We already like the PS3 controller, that would be a winner. Gamestop does need OnLive. Onlive would be a huge selling point for a tablet when you can take HD console gaming anywhere. I don't think LTE would be fast enough for Onlive though, so it would probably need wifi.
  • I would like to announce that I am indeed developing an Android tablet.