More game publishers are reportedly considering raising prices for Xbox Series X and PS5 games

Nba 2k21
Nba 2k21 (Image credit: Visual Concepts)

What you need to know

  • 2K Games announced that the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of NBA 2K21 will cost $70.
  • Per games consulting firm IDG, other publishers are exploring raising prices as well.
  • This is due to the increased cost of game development.

Today, 2K Games revealed that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions of NBA 2K21 will cost $70, which is $10 more than the average $60 release price for the current generation of console games. It's also increasingly unlikely that 2K Games will be the only publisher to raise prices as the next generation arrives.

Speaking with, games research firm IDG Consulting explained that the price of making games has only gone up, with development costs rising anywhere from 200% to 300%. Meanwhile, game prices have not risen since the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2005 and 2006 respectively, which saw new game releases go from an average of $50 to $60.

IDG explains its sources indicate many game publishers are considering this price hike and that while a $10 increase in pricing doesn't completely cover these increased game development costs, it does "...move it more in the proper direction." IDG also noted that while not every game warrants a price raise, "flagship AAAs" will be the most likely to see the new $70 baseline price.

With game costs rising, it'll be interesting to see how subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation now are affected. The Xbox Series X and PS5 are both scheduled to release in Holiday 2020.

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  • Will any of these games be available on Apple Arcade? I come here to Apple Central to know what the fruit is up to.
  • I will definitely not support this price hike
  • What a great time to raise prices!
  • I think this is just 2k being greedy. Not to mention charging for upgrades as well. If more games go this route, I will just wait until the games go on sale to purchase. Also if you buy a digital version they should be cheaper since they do not have to include a disk. 
  • Raise prices on games? Ok, how about lowering the salary for the overpaid CEO, raising the salaries of the underpaid devs and limiting crunch time? In lieu of that, will just wait for the requisite Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Fall/Winter/Labor Day/Presidents Day/Halloween/Christmas/Hanukkah/MLK Day/Mardi Gras digital store sales - or just subscribe to Ultimate Game Pass...