Galaxy S9 crowned as having the best smartphone display ever

It's no secret that Samsung makes some of the best smartphone displays on the market, and as expected, its new Galaxy S9 comes equipped with the company's latest and greatest in this department. Just a couple days after the S9's unveiling, DisplayMate has crowned it has having the "best performing smartphone display" it's ever tested.

As a quick refresher, the Galaxy S9 comes equipped with a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display with a resolution of 2960 x 1440. That's technically the same panel we saw on last year's Galaxy S8, but the S9 outperforms it with better color accuracy, increased brightness, and improved visibility outdoors.

Some of the highlights from DisplayMate's testing include:

  • Color gamut of 113% DCI-P3 and 141% sRGB
  • Peak brightness level of 1,130 nits – 10.7% brighter than the Galaxy S8's screen
  • Reflectance level of 4.4% – The lowest DisplayMate has found on a smartphone (meaning the S9's screen looks great in a variety of different environments/lighting conditions)
  • UHD Alliance certification for 4K HDR output

If none of the above numbers mean much of anything to you, the tl;dr is that the S9's screen is bright, vibrant, and probably one of the best you'll see on a phone in 2018. That's not entirely surprising, but there you go.

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Joe Maring

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  • Is this because the display is manufactured to be better or is it due to better software enhancements or both. Just curious.
  • Looks like Samsung was jealous that the iPhone X's screen was rated better than their flag ship Note 8's screen from Apple's calibration from Displaymates tests. So this year they improved in those areas on the S9's screen taking a queue from Apple's calibration.
  • Not jealous, every year the Galaxy S, and then the Galaxy Note, have the best display ever. Probably after Galaxy Note 9, the new iPhone X will have the best display. Next year will be S10 then Note 10, then the new iPhone. Nothing unusual about it.
    But we're getting on a level that these improvemens in display, and in cameras, are imperceptible to 99% of population.
  • Or iPhone was jealous Samsung keeps getting crown for the best display so they up their game finally to take the crown. Then lost it
  • When someone adds a feature that Apple had first, it's called copying. When Apple adds a feature that Android had first, it's called refinement. Apple was apparently jealous of Samsung's long line of successful AMOLED and decided to copy them.
  • iPhone X owners hardest hit.
  • Why? Wouldn't one expect a brand new flagship to have better specs than those of a phone that's been out for 4 months?
  • Because they will atleast have to use it for another 8 months, and it will hurt their pockets even more.
  • Just joking. They lost their bragging rights.
  • Will it also retain the crown of most garbage software?
  • Great for display, crap for updates.
  • No, because it never had it in the first place.
  • Looks the same as the s8 in all honesty.
  • This is great news and a great sign when you see every new device being better than the last I hope this never stops. It doesn't matter which company. As it's good for everyone.
  • But "is it good enough to be on an iPhone"
  • If you read the whole article you will see that the dofference is very minimal at best
  • Biggest surprise of the year /s
  • As here they werr when the X was out ? Both have great displays
  • « probably one of the best you'll see on a phone in 2018«  You have to wait until December to say something like that.
  • Not says "probably"
  • And it says "one of the"
  • Samsung made the X display. Best panels tend to be Samy panels.
  • They keep making the best displays hands down. I already pre-ordered the s9+. Looking forward to it!
  • It's great that it's rated the best, but I have a Note8 and the reality is that all of the phones being mentioned in the comments have great displays at this point. If you have an S8 or Note8 I doubt that you will actually notice that much of an improvement in this year's screens.
  • You are so right. It is like the difference in cameras on these phones. I can't tell the difference anymore.
  • I think this whole web site/forum should be renamed Samsung Central!
    I hate Samsmug. They are not the best at everything! No headphone jack = fail. Overly curved screen = fail. Small battery = fail. What more needs to be said? Android Central has obviously become the Samsmug fanboy/fangirl site to beat them all.
  • Too bad the "government" is trying to ban the Huawei Mate 10's...if the NRA can get the government to allow semi-automatic slaughter machines...then I bet Samsmug and Crapple can get the government to ban a phone that puts theirs to shame!
  • You're kidding, right? This site is so Google phone biased, it's hilarious. First of all, Samsung phones have a headphone jack. The Pixel 2 doesn't have one, and AC calls it the best Android phone you can buy. And just look at the stories the publish. "Best car docks for the Pixel and Pixel 2" -- Those docks could be used with many other phones, but they just had to make it all about the Pixel and Pixel 2. But when it comes to Samsung, the story is, "Is the S9 Plus too big?" Bahahahahahaha.
  • Wow. Do me a favor, type "best car mount Galaxy" and see what you come up with. You'll see the same articles you're complaining about but for Samsung phones. And most of those products mentioned will work for multiple devices as well. What makes me laugh is how you managed to bring up the Pixels when the OP mentioned absolutely nothing about them. He was talking about Huawei phones, and somehow it became all about the Pixels. What's next, are you going to attribute the next mass shooting to bias towards Google? Just because the writers at AC called the Pixel the best smartphone, you can't let this go. They were giving their opinion, just like anyone else is able to do in the comments section. While you may not agree with it, just as I haven't agreed with some of their picks in the past, they aren't necessarily showing bias. Some people chose Google's phones over Samsung's. Why? Because it addresses their needs/wants better than Samsung's offerings did. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with Samsung's products, just that they aren't the best for every single person out there. In fact there isn't a phone made that can make that claim. But again, they were giving their opinion. It doesn't carry anymore weight than what each person decides to assign to it. And if you recall, even with the issues the Note7 was facing, they still called it the best device of the year, if you didn't factor in the battery problem. Do the Pixels have issues? Sure, every phone does. And while you try to make it appear that every phone out there suffers from every issue reported, that just isn't the case. How do I know this? Looking at the forums for one thing. There are several forums that deal with all models of Android devices, and of those forums, the only issue approaching widespread affliction is Bluetooth connection to automobiles. But even then it isn't a clear cut cause for the issue. In some cases it may be on Google's end, in some it may be the auto OEMs having issues. But none of the issues presented afflict 100% of devices out there.
  • I think their are about 3x more Samsung articles than any other manufacturer on this site.
    Far enough considering how important they are to android and how many phones they sell in the English speaking world.
    But this is Android central, and Google are a big part of Android like it or not.
  • Your mad because Samsung has the best phones?
  • I just LOVE the new troll.
  • It's because Samsung is the king of Android! Go cry somewhere else then 🤣
  • Samdung blows
  • LoL the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is no joke. I'm having a hard time believing that the display on the S9 Plus is that much better. It gets to a point where the human eye can't tell the difference. I'm going to have to see real world side by side comparisons.
  • Samsung will always have the best everything for the most part and it's impossible for anyone to ever make a better phone than them. Given that the Note series will always be crowned the best. They'll always win the sales title for Android smartphones, they'll always be the most popular Android phone and they will always be the most adored by the majority of tech sites, not to mention win just any every comparison test they're in.
  • Got to love their motherboards....
  • Habiib, you can't say it any better than that. The truth be told!
  • But look at that reflection down both sides of the phone! How does anyone stand that in daily use?
  • It's pretty obvious that Samsung makes the best displays on a smartphone but their software is too bloated and is not what Android is about, it's the Pixel line that are the gold standard for Android, fast, clean, uncluttered software with fast updates and consistent security patches and 3 years of support for both, as of the Pixel 2 line, bought I'm sure a Samsung Knight will tell me that Samsung is the "best" In software as well as in design and displays, and I'm sure they'll tell me that Bixby is "better" Than Google Assistant lol. This is the best thing about Android, we like different things and I share Google's vision of what Android should be, clean, fast and uncluttered software, be together, not the same.
  • And the curved screen is still the worst design choice ever. Although the glass back is a close second. I have a great idea, you know how everyone hates when their screen breaks? Let's make it just as easy to crack the back of the phone by putting a glass back on that will disintegrate into sharp shards that will slice your hands into hamburger and leave your phone looking like it's been through the apocalypse after a 3 inch drop on to a pillow! Did they hire Lemony Snicket to design the thing? Put that great display in a flat phone and find a good looking back that doesn't make a lifeproof case a necessity and you might be getting somewhere.