Galaxy S8 review: Redemption in glass

From more than one angle, the Galaxy S8 is the most important Android smartphone of the year. To Samsung, it's a chance to regain the public trust; to gadget nerds, it packs more cutting-edge features than any other mobile; and to normals, it's the phone they're gonna see plastered across every billboard from here to the holidays. Still, there are some important questions to ask before pulling the trigger on a smartphone that straddles the $800 mark. Does it deliver a big enough improvement over last year's model? Are its new stretched screen and heavier-than-ever interface assets or impediments? And most crucially: does the Galaxy S8 even have a place in a world where you can get three quarters of its features for half the price, in phones like the Moto Z Play and OnePlus 3T?

To find out, I dual-wielded a Galaxy S8 review device and a Galaxy S8+ review device for seven days, toting them around Massachusetts to photograph the forests of Salem, take phone calls amid the gusts of Gloucester, and even Snapchat some seagull dive-bombs. To see what I learned, join me for the MrMobile Galaxy S8 Review / Galaxy S8+ Review ... and then hop over to Android Central's Galaxy S8 Review for the rest of the story!

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