FrontRow Review: You can wear this camera – but should you?

Ever since I saw Android Central's own Daniel Bader tooling around town wearing a Narrative Clip, I've had the nagging desire to review a wearable camera. But none of the boxy designs on the market has really spoken to me, and as cool as Snapchat's Spectacles are, they have a lot of limitations. What's more, "lifelogging," or the practice of digitally documenting your daily life, hasn't exactly taken the world by storm since it hit the mainstream a few years back.

So I was surprised to find out, earlier this summer, that a company best known for making WiFi routers has waded into the wearable waters to "redefine the camera." The device in question is FrontRow, a pendant that comes across as a blend of pocketwatch and Android Wear wristwatch, but is actually a very sleek – and very pricey – wearable camera. I've been wearing FrontRow between Boston and Berlin for a little under two weeks; this is the MrMobile review!

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  • One major thing I'd love one of these for is recording my 2 year old hands free. She's much shorter than me so the angle at my neck or below works out ok. Just waiting on a price drop myself or a possible give away win if a contest pops up
  • Now THAT would be a perfect use!
  • Great review; I've been waiting for the rose gold version to be available in October, and for more real reviews to be submitted on Amazon - there are some fake ones atm. I'd use it when I go trail running without my phone with only my LTE watch, which does not have a camera, and to hang on my dog's collar to see the world from her perspective. The problem is that it's not dust or waterproof, so that really limits my exact use cases that I had in mind. Bummer. I also wish it had better image sensor, and obviously that it was much cheaper than 400 bucks. I tried to run with a Go Pro, and the Polaroid Cube and both are still bulky to carry, because they're not flat, so don't fit into the tiny pockets of my running shorts.
  • Well, it's not as intrusive as Google Glass or other wearables, and they did a nice job on the engineering. Better image processing would have helped though, and you're right; I can't tell it has image stabilization either. If this device had excellent camera quality, I could see it becoming popular. IT making YOU popular is another thing. The memory is still fresh of waiting in line at a restaurant, and having a girl doing a live Periscope making fun of other people.