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Fring group video now in limited beta, sign up today to help beta test

We all know Fring was one of the first app developers on board for video calling and now, they are at it once again. This time around though, they are now working on group video calling for multiple devices making it so that you are no longer just tied to a two-way conversation. While it's not yet available in the Android Market, Fring is now accepting new sign-ups for their beta testing of the upcoming group video app. If you feel like giving them a hand and doing some bug testing in the near future, check out their blog post announcing the details -- or just click here to sign up. [Fring]

  • I can't get a steady connection with 1 person, now they want me to try and talk to FOUR??? REALLY???
  • +1 . As it is the connection rarely works. I dont understand why they cant MASTER that first and then expand to conferencing. Tango works much better. At least I can hold a conversation with Tango. Fring always tells me my signal is too low... BS.....
  • You beat me to it.
  • Why are people fixated on this face to face (TV phone) technology? I'm not opposed to it existing, but it just seems like people are latching onto some old fashioned futuristic dreams. Like, it's supposed to exist simply because people back in the 50's said it would. Why don't we get to work on technology that we really need, like jet packs and flying cars......yeah.
  • Chating
  • I will like fring
  • lve
  • like