Friday Fun: Weeds & True Blood Show Love for Android by Using T-Mobile G1

It's always fun to see mainstream use of the T-Mobile G1 and Android, especially on TV shows we're particularly fond of. Engadget noticed that on both 'Weeds' on Showtime and 'True Blood' on HBO, our cuddly little T-Mobile G1 and Android got a bit of face time. The screenshot above is from 'Weeds' and not only do you get the famed Android Robot in the call screen, it looks like this particular G1 has LOADS of notifications on the menu bar. We don't know about you, but we always try to maintain a clean notifications menu!

The T-Mobile G1 on 'True Blood' is less prominent (after the jump) but you can definitely tell it's a G1 by the Android hardware buttons, trackball, and of course, the Android chin. It's always a good day when you see your favorite little device showcased (well, kind of) in pop culture. Hopefully, this brightens up your Friday a bit and if not, the weekend is right around the corner!

Any 'Weeds' or 'True Blood' fans among our readers?

  • I don't know about you, but my caller ID does not show the name nearly that large!
  • I LOVE Weeds, but I didn't know it was on again.
    Are you referring to a rerun episode? Do you know what episode you saw?
  • Yeah. I caught it on Dark Blue and on "The Closer" this evening.
  • Was good to see Andy get an Android based phone. Though not sure that his method of getting the cash for it was all that great...