Fossil hybrid smartwatch leaks online with 2-week battery life

What you need to know

  • Listings and images of a new analog-digital hybrid Fossil smartwatch have leaked online.
  • The new watch carries the Fossil Collider Hybrid Smartwatch HR branding and appears to run Wear OS with an e-ink display.
  • There is no release date as of yet, but the pulled Amazon listing showed a $195 price point.

Recently, it was revealed that part of Google's deal with Fossil included tech called "Diana" for a hybrid smartwatch including analog hands and a digital screen. Not too long after this report came out, images and listings for a hybrid Fossil watch began appearing online.

First spotted on Reddit, the Fossil Collider Hybrid Smartwatch HR looks like a typical Wear OS smartwatch at first glance. It features a classic design with a minute and hour hand along with four complications showing the date, heart rate, weather, and step count.

Additional images have revealed other screens, showing notification syncing and access to the Google Fit app. That leads us to believe the watch could be running Wear OS or some special variant of it.

The only other Wear OS watch with physical watch hands is the LG Watch W7, and it never really took off to be a mainstream hit. Its physical hands did make the UI look a bit wonky at times, but the steep $449 price tag also didn't help it out.

At this time, most of the listings have been pulled. but once it's on the internet it never really goes away. Besides the images, the listings mentioned some key facts about the upcoming smartwatch. The Amazon listing product description reads as follows.

Where smart meets style — this 42mm Collider hybrid smartwatch features a black silicone strap and an always-on readout display so you can get your heart rate, message previews, weather and more at a glance, with 2+ weeks of battery life on a single charge. Powered by the Fossil Smartwatches App, Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches are compatible with Android OS 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+ devices.

The since pulled Amazon listing mentioned a release date of September 7, 2019, with a price of $195. Considering we are well past that date, it is uncertain when or if these watches will ever see the light of day.

Jason England