Fortnite is heading to the Upside Down with Stranger Things portals

What you need to know

  • Portals are popping up all over Fortnite.
  • The portals are the same as in the Netflix series Stranger Things.
  • This crossover is probably just beginning.

Fortnite fans are about to get a major shake-up, as it looks like another major event is on the way. Players are noticing portals popping up all over the game map, portals that clearly resemble entrances to the Upside Down in in the major Netflix Original series Stranger Things. In the series, the Upside Down is a dark dimension filled with weird echoes of our world but with everything twisted. It's a shadow realm that mimics Earth but monsters, both feral and intelligent, are lurking everywhere, trying to break through.

Currently, if you walk through a portal in Fortnite, the world turns black before transporting you to another location altogether, possibly at random. Fortnite events are rarely ever this simple and it is possible we could see players being bestowed with strange telekinetic powers or perhaps even face some of the horrific monsters that lurk in the Upside Down. It'll probably intensify right as or after the third season of the show releases on July 4th, which is a major American holiday. Fortnite events usually evolve over the course of a couple of weeks, with gradual details being added.

Crossover events in Fortnite aren't even remotely a new thing. This worldwide juggernaut of a game has let players fight as Thanos, the Avengers and even John Wick. A partnership between Epic Games and Netflix to help promote the game and the latest season of the hit series makes perfect sense.

Samuel Tolbert

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