What you need to know

  • Fortnite Chapter 2 is officially out now.
  • Chapter 2 features a new map with 13 new locations, the ability to swim, fish, and boat, and a streamlined weapon system.
  • A revamped Battle Pass system makes leveling up easier, and less of a grind.

After about a day and a half of waiting, Fortnite's black hole has finally closed, and with it came the formal introduction of a brand new way to play Fortnite. After shutting down the servers for a couple of hours for some typical downtime, Fortnite Chapter 2 is now officially out and available to play. As promised in the trailer that leaked on Monday, the revamped Fortnite features a totally new map, new skins, and an overall change in how you'll play the game.

There's a lot to take in when it comes to Chapter 2 of Fortnite, but it all starts with a brand new map for players to explore. The latest map features a ton of 13 brand new locations and overhauled areas. The topography has much more water this time around, as the game now allows players to swim, fish, or ride boats around the map to explore.

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The challenge system in Fortnite has also seen yet another change, to make leveling up your Battle Pass even easier, and less of a grind. While Missions still exist in Chapter 2, players can now also complete level up simply by doing in-game activities, including eliminating players, searching chests, and winning games. Doing more in-game activities will fill your "punch chard" for a game, and will give you an XP boost to what you earn per game.

When it comes to battling, Chapter 2 also includes a streamlined weapon arsenal, and the ability to upgrade your weapons via in-game upgraded benches. Of course, a new season of Fortnite also means another Battle Pass, which returns in Chapter 2. Picking up the Battle Pass (which costs 950 V-Bucks) will allow players to unlock a variety of exclusive rewards, including new skins, weapon wraps, loading screens, and more.

For a slightly more broken down look at what's new in Fortnite Chapter 2, check out below courtesy of Epic's blog. If you want to try the new version of Fortnite out for yourself, the game is out now:

Drop into a new world

  • Choose your landing spot and explore an all-new island featuring 13 new locations.

New Water Gameplay

  • Swimming, fishing, motorboats, and more!

Support Your Squad

  • Heal your squad with the Bandage Bazooka, carry your fallen teammates to safety, and celebrate with new group emotes like high fives!

Hideouts and Explosives

  • Hide in Haystacks and Dumpsters to get the drop on your opponents or go in blazing by blowing up Gas Tanks and Explosive Barrels.

Upgraded Combat

  • Get back to basics and battle enemies with a streamlined weapon arsenal. Upgrade weapons using resources at the upgrade bench.

More Fun, Less Grind

  • Level through an all-new Battle Pass featuring a brand new XP system and medals you earn in match.

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