Follow iMore for all the iPhone 8 announcements on Tuesday, Sept 12

There is no question that the new iPhones will be among the biggest tech stories of the year. Doesn't matter if you're wielding a Galaxy S8 or a Lumia 950, if you're attuned to the comings and goings of the mobile industry, what Apple does matters.

Our sibling site, iMore, will be covering all of the excitement (and, inevitably, a bit of the crow eating) as it goes down on Tuesday, September 12 starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Here are the important details you need to know:

Plus, our favorite Apple pundits will be on the ground in Cupertino showcasing the new Apple campus and all the other minutiae, so be sure to follow them.

Are you excited about the Apple event? Couldn't care less? Let us know in the comments below!

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Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I'm so excited to hear about the new sub-$250 iPhone.
  • The bill of materials may well be sub $250, but Tim, Jony et al need to be kept in the latest Teslas and hemp trousers so I imagine Apple will slap on a few more bucks on top.
  • To each its own, even though I'm heavily invested in Apple products I'm not looking forward to the event. All we are going to read and hear from imore is how great and revolutionary all their new products are.
  • Gawd, I’d hate to write for iMore. How boring. Telling everybody “Here’s how you turn on your new iPhone” and how to plug in your ipad”. LOL. Having only about 4 real products to write about would suck. And then there’s Rene Ritchie........ I’ll just leave that there.
  • That's why they've appropriated all things Nintendo and post ad infinitum about Pokemon Go.
  • I'm excited as I typically carry an iPhone along with my current Android device of choice. I'm into all smartphone tech and not a sheep of any camp.
  • Same here JLZCL. I have devices of all flavors on my desk now....Not a fanboy here. just a lover of all things tech!
  • Same all though I do like what Huawei and LG have done and I prefer their devices
  • I think Huawei has awesome devices. LG has now released the g6 2 times in my opinion. They basically too the G6 and put v30 on it. I am invested in apple for mobile because of Imessage. All my family except my brother has Iphones now.
  • What's the point of following imore? Everything will be posted on AC because that's what you guys do.
  • That's a good point, lol
  • I'm excited that Apple will finally be where Samsung was two years ago with curved AMOLED displays and four years ago with wireless charging.
  • And still a year ahead Samsung copying their dual camera set up
  • Yeah and what's your point. The s8 camera is better and the Note camera will be better then the new iPhone 8.
  • Apple is not coming out with a curved screen. It's a useless gimmick.
  • Millions of sales say otherwise
  • Yeah just for the looks which is fine. Apple doesnt need to follow /copy Samsung.
  • Watch for tomorrow's Oled display, and then kindly take a seat.
  • And missing headphones jack... Oh wait...
  • Dual cameras were out on Android phones way before iPhones. I think you're forgetting about the LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D back in 2011. The LG G5 had dual cameras a year before the 7 Plus. And the Huawei P9 and Honor 8 had the dual camera setup before the iPhone 7 Plus. And Samsung had a dual-camera phone back in aught nine, the Samsung SCH-B710.
  • NO!! Apple did all the cool things first, always!
  • Exactly! Once Apple does it they set the trends especially when it comes to Samsung! Cause Apple can't have a feature /design /colour that they don't have!
  • Yeah like I said Samsung copied the iPhone set up with the 2nd sensor being Telephoto for bokeh. We could argue all night about who copied who because they've copied each other for as long as they've been around.
    As for the iPhone 8, I doubt we'll see any great surprises. They don't really do innovation these days but instead they sit back and see what's the next big thing from other manufacturers then nail it themselves
  • You mean nail themselves....
  • Is that the best you can do?
  • .....Great comments smh
  • Yeah because my HTC Evo didn't have a dual camera setup about 5 or 6 years ago. Apple wasn't the 1st.
  • Gimme strength..... Ok I'll repeat myself for a 3rd time. Samsung copied the iPhone's dual camera set up for the Note 8 which uses a normal lens + telephoto lens to create the bokeh effect and for lossless zoom. NOBODY SAID APPLE WERE FIRST WITH A DUAL CAMERA. I'm well aware of that fact having had an LG G5 before I had the iPhone 7 Plus....GEEZ!
  • By copied, you mean did it better right? Watch for all the **** Apple "invents" from Android tomorrow😂
  • Unlikely. From what all the reviewers here on AC, Portrait Mode on the iPhone STILL does it better than Live Focus. Hate them all you like but Apple nailed that software on the camera.
  • But they're not the first , htc pioneered dual cameras before they caught on and if you ask me Huawei and LG really made them popular
  • Sorry, Daniel, even though you're entranced with apple, what apple does really doesn't matter. There, I gave you a click on this article. Hope it's worth a few fractions of a penny.
  • Doesn't matter *to you.
  • Ha ha I want to like this comment a thousand times.
  • *yawn* I hate it when apple proves me right. 😉
  • You are so so wrong!! The comment below from this article says it all! And there's so many things Apple has done to prove this over and over again! And will continue again with the iPhone 10 and iOS 11 going forward. "Apple commands trends in the mobile space, and whether you love or hate the company, one thing is always certain – what Apple does, others follow. This is why flagships are getting more expensive and it is also why Google has completely rethought its Project Tango with the ARCore initiative."
  • Lol
  • I’m interested just so I can confirm what I already know: Apple will be introducing technology that has been out for years now on Android devices. I am holding out ordering a Note 8 until I am sure there is nothing they have kept top secret, but the software and integration in the ecosystem with my other devices won’t hold me there anymore. I think the Note 8 will be the phone of the year, but Apple will claim its reinvented the smartphone tomorrow. I’d love to be surprised but they haven’t wowed me in five years.
  • I agree they are slow with implementing some like fast /quick charging. Wireless charging is useless. Just a gimmick. Prefer fast /quick charge cause it's very useful. One thing is they perfect the technology and implement it better! They don't rush with some of it like some companies do. For example they re 3D facial camera is apparently 2 years ahead. Qualcomm is working on one but it's hardware and software is behind. Even if they dont have 6 GB of RAM they re phones still run pretty fast /smooth. They re cpu's are usually the best and can compete with any Android manufacturer running with the latest cpu /hardware specs. iphone 10's new design with an edge to edge screen with no physical home button was technically suppose to be last years iphone 7's design.
  • CPU's are only better utilizing single thread processes
  • This phone is going to be completely amazing (according to rumors)!!! You've proven to be a loyalist, congrats.
    The rest of us that understand tech will see what the real world results are first before passing judgement.
  • not a very compelling argument for how Apple is ahead. Sorry.
  • Ah, the iPhone announcement event, that magical time of year when Android Central commenters compete to see who can hate Apple the loudest. Truly one of the most majestic circle jerks on all of the internet.
  • "Truly one of the most majestic circle jerks on all of the internet." This isn't iMore.
  • iMore doesn't have the user numbers to facilitate a circle jerk.
  • You got that right. Other than the normals that click a Google link to get to the latest 'How to turn your iPhone on with iOS11" article, the regular readership in iMore is largely gone now. It's a ghost town.
  • You missed the version of that on windows central...where about 10 EVERYTHING HATING FANGIRLS get together and stroke their ******* while hating on everything that's not windows 10 mobile...That's whats funny to see. At least android is a viable replacement for ios and vice versa, however windows 10 mobile is USELESS!
  • Yeah, I never spent much time on Windows Central, for just that reason. The comments here at AC get kind of toxic and childish at times, but WC was often downright mean-spirited, and I just don't feel like putting up with that kind of thing on a tech site.
  • I just give it back to them. ha ha. I praise ms for some of their stuff and I still get **** for it....Its really quite fun to pass some time.
  • I HATE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do i win?
  • Nope! Not condescending enough.
  • I see you want to be the pivot man!!
  • Guys, I'm new at this, but can someone remind me: Why is it cool, hip or just plain a good business decision to pay way more for a phone, proprietary cables, expensive accessories, covers and pens, that will be obsolete within a year or two? Please enlighten me, because I must be missing something. Honestly!
  • Kim Kardashian is an American icon and Donald Trump is president. Enough said.
  • An Apple branded S8+ with a 10 year old OS. WOOHOO!
  • Shouldn't this be posted on OS Central?
  • Two words:
    Daniel Bad-apple-er
    PseudoAndroid Editors