'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' may launch on February 9 for $20

Although I haven't spent as much time with it as I should, Final Fantasy is one of the oldest gaming series around that's fostered some pretty amazing titles. Final Fantasy XV is widely considered to be one of the better recent entries, and soon you'll be able to bring that same adventure with you wherever you go with "Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition."

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition first appeared on the Play Store for pre-registration last August, but the Apple App Store now indicates that it'll be released on February 9. We can't say for certain at this time if that release date will be the same for its Android counterpart, but if I were a betting man, I'd say it launches on Google Play either on or near that same day.

There will be ten total chapters for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, and while the first one will be free to download, you'll need to hand over $19.99 in order to play all of them. That's a lot of money to pay for a mobile game, and while the character models are more cartoony than they are in the console version of the game, the gameplay mechanics, story, and more are essentially the same.

If you're a Final Fantasy fanatic, do you plan on picking up Pocket Edition?

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Joe Maring

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