Tifa gazes at the starsSource: Square Enix

What you need to know

  • Square Enix has released several new artwork pieces and character renders for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
  • These images include characters like Tifa, Sephiroth, Shiva and Shinra.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently slated to release on March 3, 2020.
  • You can preorder the game on PlayStation 4 for $60 on Amazon.

Square Enix has shared some nifty new images from Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There's a couple of new pieces of redone art and character renders to take a look at. In the artwork below, Tifa stares out into the night sky, while infamous villain Sephiroth stands back turned amidst flames.

Tifa stares into the starsSephiroth among flamesSource: Square Enix

There's also a couple of detailed renders of Sephiroth, which you can take a look at below.

Sephiroth RenderAnother render of SephirothSource: Square Enix

Then, Square Enix also shared a render of Shiva, who is as cold and deadly as she is stunning. Shiva is a summon in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

A render of Shiva in Final Fantasy 7 remakeSource: Square Enix

Finally, there's also renders of President Shinra, of the Shinra corporation, as well as his director of Public Security, Heidegger and 3rd class SOLDIER Roche.

Render of President ShinraRender of Heidegger, head of Public SecurityRender of Roche, 3rd class SOLDIERSource: Square Enix

For another look at the game, you can check out the recent trailer that was revealed at the Game Awards 2019. You can also take a look at screenshots that Square Enix has shared. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is set to release on March 3, 2020 and is exclusive to PlayStation 4 for one year.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PlayStation 4: Everything you need to know

Shinra is waiting

Final Fantasy 7 remake boxart for PS4

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Welcome to Midgar

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the first part of the classic game, retold in bigger fashion than ever before. Stunning graphics and a new combat system bring life to the adventures of Cloud, Tifa and others in a way never seen before.

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