Fetch an adorable pup this Wallpaper Wednesday

You don't have to pull out a complex new theme like Spider-Man to bring a breath of fresh air to your home screen. A new wallpaper can do wonders, and launchers like Action Launcher can re-theme your entire home screen around a good wallpaper. In our effort to help brighten your device — and maybe your day — we're compiling some wallpapers for you to try out.

If you've got a wallpaper you use everywhere, share it in the comments below! We're always looking for something new. Now get your wallpaper picker ready and see what's in store this week.

Great Pyrenees

Those eyes just pierce you.

I have a Great Pyr mix, but we got our as an almost-adult, so I never got to personally behold the wondrous cuteness that is a Great Pyr pup. It's essentially a fluffy ball of white fur and energy, and if you let one into a snowy field, you're in for a very interesting game of Where's Fido. This breed page has a some good info on the breed as well as a variety of adorable pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Great Pyrenees

Nap Time

Care to join me for a nap?

This wallpaper has two of our favorite things in it: puppies and naps. It's a twofer! But seriously, can't you just imagine this little guy curled up upon your chair while you're working or watching some Netflix on the big screen TV? It must be exhausting being that cute — no wonder he needs a nap.

Nap Time

Pomeranian Snow Day


Yes, we're about to go into the summer. Stay with me a minute. On a hot summer day, couldn't we use an icy wallpaper to help us better imagine (and hopefuly escape to) a cooler environment? And this Pomeranian is just bursting with ridiculous amounts of energy and pep. It's like an energy drink and a cooling mint all in an adorable doggy wallpaper. It's perfect, I tell you!

Pomeranian Snow Day

Majestic Samoyed


Look at that mane! LOOK AT THE FLUFF!!! LOOK AT IT! This is indeed a majestic Samoyed. Bask in its fluffy magnificence and weep that you cannot bury yourself in those soft tufts of fur. This comes from a reddit thread that is overflowing with Samoyed cuteness, and while it's hard to pick just one, it was just too majestic to pass up.


Majestic Samoyed

Saint Bernard

Good dog. Very good dog.

Aww, this is indeed a good dog, bringing you a drink after a long day's work....

Actually, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but there's not actually whiskey in that cute little barrel around the Saint Bernard's neck (they're coming to cuddle with you, though, which might be even better). In fact, if a search dog brought you a keg of whiskey while you were freezing on a mountain, the booze would kill you faster. But Saint Bernards might actually genuinely be man's best friends as they are rescue dogs, search dogs, and all-around good dogs.

Saint Bernard{.cta .large}

Ara Wagoner

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