Falcon Pro

Developer says Twitter may have 'shut him down'

On Monday, for the second time in just a few months, popular Twitter client Falcon Pro ran up against the 100,000 user token limit imposed upon most third-party clients. And as it did back in February, the app managed to sidestep the restriction by revoking all the old keys and requiring users to sign in again. But Falcon Pro has run into additional issues this morning, as it seems it may have once again exhausted its available tokens.

Writing on the official Falcon Twitter account, developer Joaquim Vergès said "Wtf? I wake up one day after resetting keys and they're already all used? Did twitter just shut me down?" In a later tweet, the dev said he'd unpublished the app from the Google Play Store "for now" while he figures out a new strategy.

This morning's developments suggest one of two possibilities -- either Falcon Pro experienced a major boost in popularity over the past day, or it's running into issues on account of its working around Twitter's user token limits. For what it's worth, if you've already got Falcon Pro signed in, it'll continue to work just as it did before. But unfortunately new users will be out of luck. For users who've updated and found themselves unable to log back in, Vergès offers a downgrade to the earlier version 2.0.2 via a direct APK download.

The future of Falcon Pro -- and other popular Twitter clients in the same situation -- remains uncertain. Equally, it's unclear whether Twitter is proactively taking action to stop developers skirting the limits on user tokens -- that said, frequently resetting keys and requiring users to sign in again was never likely to be sustainable in the long run. We'll update this story with any further developments, and hope to see Falcon Pro returning to the Play Store soon.

Source: @twitter_android