Facebook app relies less on a data connection

Even without an active data connection, Facebook's latest version 10.0 update for Android still allows you to be social. Now, with the free update on Google's Play store, users can like posts, photos, and pages even without an Internet connection, which is good if you're bored on a long flight or stuck in the middle of a 4G outage.

And while you can be the creepy person who lurks in the dark without a connection of your own, you can also make it harder for others to bring that same creepiness to your life. On the mobile app, Facebook is now allowing better privacy controls so that you can remove tags and posts that either you or others have created.

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Also, in case you have friends who post one inane update after another, you can now turn on or off post notifications on the app to mute those friends. And like most app updates, Facebook also promises "improvements for speed and reliability" with this version.

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