Facebook Messenger now supports 360-degree photos and HD videos

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger (Image credit: Android Central)

Despite the hot mess that Facebook is still finding itself in, the company's taken some time to update its Messenger app with a couple useful features for sharing photos and videos. Starting today, you can now send and receive 360-degree photos and HD videos in Facebook Messenger.

To send 360-degree/panorama photos, simply add them to a conversation like you would with a regular picture. A compass icon will appear next to the photo to indicate its interactive nature, and you can move them around both on the Messenger mobile app and on your desktop at Messenger.com.

As for HD videos, you can now send clips from your camera roll and newsfeed in crisp 720p. That may be a far cry from 4K or even 1080p, but it's still a step in the right direction.

Support for 360-degree images is available across the globe, and 720p HD videos are currently supported in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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  • This is perfect because I just ordered the esssential 360 camera yesterday on Amazon for $30 lol
  • Did a test with a Gear 360 photo via Messenger...it converted my 5472x2763 photo to 4096x2048 resulting in crap 360 photo!
  • since when is 4096x2048 crap resolution?
  • It's crap when the pixel reduction removed details leaving a soft blurred grainy result. Very noticeable when you compare the 2 photos on phone or computer, especially on the computer.