Phone calls on the Evo 4GPhone Calls on the Evo 4G

The Evo 4G uses HTC's custom dialer screen, which is part of the Sense user interface. You'll see a big "Phone" button on the bottom of each phone screen. Tap it, and you're taken to the dialer. Here are some of the big points you need to know:

  1. The keypad. This is where you dial numbers, or you can use it to spell out someone's name.
  2. List of recent calls. You can tap one to quickly call that number again.
  3. Hide/show keypad button.
  4. Show call log.
  5. Mute your microphone.
  6. Activate speakerphone
  7. Contact picture (appears as an Android image if the number is not in your contacts)
  8. Call time elapsed.
  9. Show contacts.

Evo 4G incoming call

When receiving an incoming call, it's as easy as pressing "Answer" or "Decline." If the person calling is in your contacts or synced as one of your Facebook contacts, you'll see their picture.