Everything you can do in Kano World

Best answer: With Kano World, you can do a little bit of everything, but what really stands out is creating your own projects. These projects range from completing challenges on the Kano World leaderboard or just taking on your own projects. These can be building your own games, music, or even a radio station! Then, when you're finished, you can share your projects with the world.

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What is Kano World?

To put it simply, Kano World is a free, online community that prides itself on being a safe place (for all ages) where people are able to learn how to code and create together. You will need to have an account proved by someone over the age of 13 and over to access Kano World.

Creation is what makes Kano fun

The Kano Computer is mostly targeted towards kids as the first step towards learning to code and then using the code in order to make new and exciting things. You can make a lot of programs including games, new Minecraft puzzles and features, media centers, and more. Creating things doesn't just stop at coding; you'll be able to use Kano World to create yourself as well — or rather an avatar of yourself! You can name the avatar whatever you like, and this is what represents you in Kano World.

Furthermore, with Kano World, you can share your creations. Being connected to over 86 different countries is particularly useful, especially if you enable comments on your creations. Comments can be very helpful, especially if you're stuck and require help from other users in order to succeed with the project you're making. If you want to take it a step further, you can even collaborate with others to create new, extraordinary things.

Kano World isn't just a place for creation and sharing, it's also a place where you can thrive as part of a larger community through the use of world news, insider information from Kano itself, as well as having the option to feel secure with syncing and saving all of your work.

Inside information comes from you having created a Kano account. In Kano world, you're able to get a first look at everything coming to Kano. This can mean invites to Kano HQ if you're lucky, competitions, top-secret demos of new inventions, and even news on what is coming to Kano next.

You will need to have an account proved by someone over the age of 13 and over to access Kano World.

You'll also be able to use Kano World to help sync and thus, save, all the progress you make. That can be the personal projects you develop as you learn to code or your personal challenges and experience you've gained in earning them. With this sort of information saved, you can feel content to continue creating your next big project.

And while you may not think the Kano will need it, Kano World also offers World News. With World News, you can access OS updates, community events, and Kano related news that may apply to you and your computer.

Aimee Hart