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The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian (Image credit: Disney)

Yes, this a list of every kill in The Mandolorian, but first we created some ground rules. Victims who are punched or shocked are not confirmed kills. If someone gets shot and doesn't get back up, we assume they were killed, since the only shots we see that don't kill when they hit are blocked by beskar steel. Some offscreen kills are implied, so they count, as noted. Also when we say "pop" we specifically mean disintegrate, and those are our favorite kills. When you're ready to play along at home, here's a list of all the fun toys from The Mandalorian so you can look on disapprovingly, just like The Child/Baby Yoda.

Total Kills for Season 1: 188

Chapter 1

Total Kills: 35

  1. 02:17: The Mandolorian (Mando) kills the Alpha Trawler with his own knife.
  2. 02:30: A Quarren Trawler gets cut in half when Mando pulls him into a closing iris-shaped door.
  3. 05:55: Guest star Brian Posehn's speeder pilot is taken into the ice by a Ravinak.
  4. 29:39: IG-11 Bounty Droid starts messing up fools, five Nikto bandits are downed in 10 seconds.
  5. 30:48: Mando takes down a rooftop sniper while IG-11 waits for him to agree to terms.
  6. 30:53: IG-11 takes down a bandit in the doorway, then another, then one on the roof in 5 seconds.
  7. 31:01: Mando casually tags a bandit, then turns to pick one off the roof.
  8. 31:33: More shooting but nobody falls until IG-11 scores 2 quick hits.
  9. 31:41: Behind the back from IG, then another as he spins, then two more in succession as he keeps twisting and shooting.
  10. 31:47: Mando takes one down then calls "up top" for an IG no-look shot.
  11. 31:53: Mando takes one off the roof.
  12. 32:29: IG takes one down from the roof covering Mando while he opens the door.
  13. 32:46: Another roof kill for Mando.
  14. 33:30: Mando takes down the heavy gunner, then it's 15 seconds of carnage as Mando nails seven.
  15. 34:47: Mando hits a Nikto after he and IG-11 knock down the door.
  16. 35:59: Mando shoots IG-11 in the head.

Chapter 2: The Child

The Mandalorian episode 2

Source: Disney (Image credit: Source: Disney)

Total Kills: 7

  1. 03:22: Mando is jumped by Trandoshans. He stuns two and pops one with the first disintegration kill we see.
  2. 06:04: Mando starts popping Jawas with the pulse rifle FOR NO REASON!!! He snipes three in 20 seconds.
  3. 06:22: Jawa massacre continues as Mando throws one from the sand crawler.
  4. 06:39: Another Jawa tossed overboard by murderous Mando.
  5. 20:41: Mando stabs the mudhorn in the neck after The Child force floats it.

Chapter 3: The Sin

The Mandalorian in episode 3

Source: Disney (Image credit: Source: Disney)

Total Kills: 45

  1. 12:52: No kills until The Mandolorian has a flashback while his cuirass is being forged. Two die in an explosion.
  2. 13:04: Two more humans cut down by a large droid in front of Mando and his parents as they run.
  3. 13:14: Another droid kills a human in the flashback.
  4. 13:37: Mando's parents lock him in a cellar then we see an explosive shockwave, so they're definitely dead.
  5. 20:48: Mando takes down two dirty stormtroopers.
  6. 21:06: Mando knocks down a stormtrooper then shoots him in the chest on the ground.
  7. 21:20: Mando pulls a Scorpion "Get Over Here!" from Mortal Kombat and stealth-knifes a stormtrooper.
  8. 21:30: takes a shot to the shoulder from a stormtrooper then shoots back for the kill.
  9. 23:13: After knocking out two and stunning one, Mando shoots a stormtrooper while holding the baby.
  10. 23:17: Mando barbecues a stormtrooper with his blowtorch while The Child looks on disapprovingly.
  11. 24:10: Mando drops four stormtroopers with the Whistling Birds he purchased earlier in the episode.
  12. 26:52: Fighting The Guild, Mando takes the first shot and drops a bounty hunter, then another.
  13. 27:05: Mando shoots a bounty hunter while convincing a droid to start driving, then shoots two more.
  14. 27:16: Two quick bounty hunter kills by Mando, then one on the roof, followed by another.
  15. 27:29: Greef Carga murders the cart droid.
  16. 27:50: Mando snipes a rooftop bounty hunter, then pops one with the pulse rifle.
  17. 27:54: Mando kills a Rodian bounty hunter.
  18. 28:37: One bounty hunter is stunned, then Mando shoots another with his pistol.
  19. 29:18: A Mandalorian rocket flies in from off-screen and takes out a rooftop bounty hunter.
  20. 29:25: Four bounty hunters are killed by Mandalorians over ten seconds.
  21. 29:37: A Mandalorian in flight takes out a bounty hunter.
  22. 29:54: An explosion sends a bounty hunter flying.
  23. 29:56: A stern Mandalorian shoots a bounty hunter in the back as it tries to flee.
  24. 30:05: The Heavy Infantry Mandalorian lands and takes out three bounty hunters quickly with the chain gun.
  25. 30:27: One more bounty hunter goes down in the distance as Mando and The Child escape the fight.

Chapter 4: Sanctuary

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda/The Child in Episode 4

Source: Disney (Image credit: Source: Disney)

Total Kills: 14

  1. 03:18: Klatooinian raiders kill a farm droid.
  2. 24:20: A Klatooinian is drowned in a vat of glowing blue hooch.
  3. 24:41: When The Mandalorian's charge detonates, one or two Klatooinians were caught in the blast.
  4. 27:07: Farmers draw first blood hitting a charging Klatooinian.
  5. 27:09: The Mandolorian pops a Klatooinian with the pulse rifle.
  6. 27:31: Mando pops another Klatooinian.
  7. 27:44: Mando shoots two Klatooinians with his pistol while covering Cara Dune.
  8. 28:08: Another Klatooinian falls to Mando's pistol.
  9. 29:16: The Mandolorian drops a grenade in the eye of the AT-ST, and those generally require two pilots.
  10. 29:23: Farmers use the only combat move they learned to take down the Klatooinian captain.
  11. 34:15: Cara Dune takes out a bounty hunter in the woods before it can snipe The Child.

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger

Amy Sedaris in The Mandalorian Episode 5

Source: Disney (Image credit: Source: Disney)

Total Kills: 3

  1. 02:18: The Mandalorian is in a spaceship dogfight and pulls a Top Gun hit-the-brakes move to nail a bounty hunter.
  2. 25:06: Toro Calican, an amateur bounty hunter, shoots Fennec Shand, his bounty, while she is handcuffed.
  3. 28:13: The Mandalorian distracts Toro Calican with a cloud of steam then sidesteps and shoots him dead.

Chapter 6: The Prisoner

The Mandalorian episode 6 The Prisoner

Source: Disney (Image credit: Source: Disney)

Total Kills: 16

  1. 17:31 Mando takes out a prison guard droid with his pistol, then twirls to take out another.
  2. 17:40 Mando seems to yank a piece from one droids and fatally stab another with it.
  3. 17:54 The Mandalorian yanks a droid's head off with the Scorpion lasso.
  4. 18:02 Mando blowtorches one droid then puts a blaster shot through the last Droid's head.
  5. 20:35 The twi'lek bandit kills the human warden, ending the standoff.
  6. 21:35 Burg kills a droid then throws it into another droid.
  7. 23:30 Mando kills a prison guard droid and steals its arm to escape.
  8. 26:52 Mando always did hate droids. Three dead droids on the floor.
  9. 33:50 The Child thinks he takes down the droid, but it's Mando
  10. 37:02 A ship is destroyed in the hangar killing the last two traitors

Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Mandalorian Episode 7

Source: Disney (Image credit: Source: Disney)

Total Kills: 3

  1. 21:43 A blurrg is carried off, then a Bounty Hunter, then Cara Dune finally scores a hit and drops a flyer
  2. 31:53 Werner Herzog's Client is killed by blaster fire coming from outside. Four stormtrooper and a droid go down in the hail of blasts.
  3. 35:38 We see the smoking remains of Kuill

Chapter 8: Redemption

Mandalorian Episode 8

Source: Disney (Image credit: Source: Disney)

Total Kills: 67

  1. 11:33 In a flashback to Mando's childhood we see droids make three direct hits.
  2. 12:31 Mando's parents die in that explosion again.
  3. 12:49 A big droid is taken down by a rescuing Mandalorian.
  4. 13:24 Two more droids go down at the hands of Mandolorians.
  5. 13:50 Mandalorian takes out another droid.
  6. 15:15 IG-11 rides up on a speeder bike and pings three scout trooper guards with the bike's gun.
  7. 15:47 IG on the speeder bike drops 10 more troopers while the baby laughs.
  8. 16:10 The speeder bike goes crashing into a trooper. IG shoots two as he dismounts.
  9. 16:28 Cara Dune sprays the crowd of trooper with blasts, dropping two.
  10. 16:29 First Mando takes down a trooper, then Greef comes up behind to shoot another one.
  11. 16:39 Mando melees a death trooper then drops him with a shot. Another death trooper puts Mando on the ground, and our hero deals a kick to the face, followed by Greef shooting him with blasters.
  12. 16:44 One last stormtrooper goes down to Mando.
  13. 16:55 Mando picks up the e-Web gun and shoots six stormtroopers in quick succession.
  14. 17:18 One more hit for Mando.
  15. 17:20 Greef tags a trooper.
  16. 17:36 A stormtrooper gets shot down in front of Moff Gideon.
  17. 17:50 Cara spins from, cover with the big gun and nails two death troopers.
  18. 18:17 IG takes down two troopers covering Mando, who was downed when the e-Web exploded.
  19. 21:10 Baby Yoda burns the fire trooper
  20. 31:40 The Mandalorian armorer takes out four stormtroopers by hand, while putting the fifth into the steel forge
  21. 34:27 Cara takes off the boat droid's head to stop it rowing
  22. 36:54 IG-11 commits suicide, taking out a platoon of 15 stormtroopers and scout troopers
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