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What you need to know

  • PlayStation has announced the PlayStation Indies initiative.
  • It's headed up by Shuhei Yoshida.
  • Nine games were revealed today as a part of PlayStation Indies.

Earlier today, PlayStation announced its new PlayStation Indies initiative, led by Shuhei Yoshida. Kicking this initiative off, nine new indie titles have been revealed for PS4 and/or PS5. You can check out the full list below.

Carto - Humble Games/Sunhead Games

Carto is a puzzle adventure title, with a theme of exploration as you meet different people and learn about their culture. You'll venture through the world by shifting around lost pieces of a map.

Creaks - Amanita Design

Ever seen a jacket draped over a chair as a child and think it was a monster? That's the theme of Creaks, a game built in Unity and all about the things that go bump in the night. You'll use light to trap and defeat these monsters.

F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow - TiGames

Rayton is a bunny with a metal fist and he's hopping mad. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, explore a vast mechanical city as you fight to recover your friend from the Machine Legion.

Haven - The Game Bakers

In this co-op adventure, players control two lovers named Yu and Kay as they solve puzzles on a mysterious planet. It's designed as a tranquil, calming experience.

Heavenly Bodies - 2pt Interactive

Heavenly Bodies is a space simulator where emphasis is placed on the word "simulator." Physics are painstakingly recreated, making it challenging to solve puzzles.

Maquette - Graceful Decay

This mind-bending title is a puzzle game taking place entirely within a recursive world. Oh, and Interacting with the nested model affects the real world.

Recompile - Phigames

As a virus, keep yourself from being deleted and fight through the world of The Mainframe. There's third-person combat and puzzles in this story of AI.

Where the Heart Is - Armature Studio

This narrative game blurs the lines between imagination and reality, using the surreal to explain the real as you watch a family grow up.

Worms Rumble - Team17

Worms are back in a 32-player battle royale title. Last Worm Standing wins.

That's all the different PlayStation Indies revealed today!

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