Google considers subscription news service

According to CEO Eric Schmidt, Google has positioned itself to make $10 billion dollars or more per year in the mobile business, from things like subscription news.  "If we have a billion people using Android, you think we can't make money from that?" He went on to say that it would only take 10 dollars per person, per year, and among other things, Google might earn that money from selling access to digital content from newspapers. 

We're used to thinking of Google as a search and advertising giant, but maybe the big G has plans to expand?  It makes sense -- Google gives away Android, and they certainly know how to generate cash.  Considering the other Google services, they have the ability to do paid news right.  What else they have in mind to go along with paid news, Schmidt didn't say, but some sort of music service has been tossed around a lot lately, too.  Make it as functional and personalized as everything else Android, and you got my 10 bucks Mr. Schmidt. [WSJ via Electronista]