EE rolls out new PAYG packs, offering 4G for just £1 a week

With all eyes on IFA this week the UK's largest 4G network are kicking things of nice an early by announcing some restructuring with their Pay-As-You-Go offerings. As you'll see from the following press release EE have studied what PAYG users are after and have come up with some solutions which include 4G packs from just £1 per week.

Although EE were the first carrier in the UK to offer 4G it does come at a premium, something which some other networks are cashing in on and offering 4G at no extra charge. The downside to them though is that there coverage is way behind that of EE.

Good news for consumers in the UK. I suspect we're in for a week of great news to keep your eyes peeled.

Press Release

Wednesday 3rd September, 2014, London – EE, the UK's most advanced digital communications company, today launched a range of market leading Pay As You Go (PAYG) packs with 4G included in all at no extra cost – starting from just £1 per week. The new packs are set to transform the way consumers purchase PAYG, and have been designed to combine EE's market-leading 4G performance with outstanding value, enabling even more customers to enjoy superfast mobile connectivity on the UK's biggest, fastest and most reliable network.

Available immediately from EE shops, EE telesales and via the EE web site, the new packs offer market leading value to the 40% of mobile users who want the control and flexibility of PAYG.

The packs have been created to reflect how customers typically use their phones, offering simple, transparent pricing. For added ease, the new packs have been split into three categories, representing the three most common customer usage patterns with allowances weighted towards what customers want to use (Talk and Text Packs, Data Packs and Everything Packs) – meaning they don't have to pay for things they don't need.

Providing unprecedented value for money, EE customers will also have the reassurance that they have access to the UK's award winning, biggest, fastest and most reliable mobile network. What's more, 70% of mobile PAYG users spend less than £10 per month, so for the first time across the industry, EE is offering a choice of PAYG packs for just £1 per week, providing increased flexibility to meet customer need.   EE has put control at the heart of its new range of packs - with customers never able to go over their data allowance. If they do use it up, then they can purchase one of the great value add-ons to extend it as needed.

And as if that wasn't enough, EE PAYG customers who get their pack each week or month for three months, can add even more of what they like to use in their pack, for example a customer on a new 30 day pack can choose between an extra 250MB of data, 50 minutes of any network calls or 250 texts at no extra cost. EE PAYG customers also get up to £20 off a new phone from an EE shop once they've been using our services for at least three months, as well as access to great EE benefits, including EE Wednesdays, offering 2-4-1 deals on cinema tickets and EE Tickets.

The new packs are available across all EE retail channels immediately. Customers looking for more information can visit (opens in new tab)

James Richardson
  • Try harder EE......try a lot harder
  • extra 250MB of data, yes great on 4G Here's a ferrari but you get a thimble of fuel
  • It difficult for me to correlate but I think America's Sprint / Softbank's Boost Mobile offers more service(s) at a better price. Examples: per month
    ...unlimited calling and texts
    —with 1 GB high speed data - $35
    —with 5 GB high speed data - $40
    —with 10 GB high speed data - $45 *Including blazing fast Spark speeds where available Perhaps I'm wrong, but I was under the impression Americans were paying exorbitant premiums compared with Europeans.
  • I'm currently on a £20 a month contract with EE. I get Unlimited Mins/Texts and 5GB of Double Speed 4G Data. I think it's a fair deal and I also got £65 cash back. I was really tempted with three but EE won me over with the better coverage. They're not the best when it comes to Pay As you Go, Three trump everyone when it comes to Pay as you go with 1p a MB.
  • I agree, i have Three payg and i find it the best solution for those who are not willing to see videos or spend hours far from a WiFi connection. I hardly go over 500mb/pm because i don't watch videos but i still upload things and do all of my stuff. Also on every top up, that is from £5 online, you get 150mb free add-on.
  • People just go for EE without realising they are getting thoroughly ripped off. n5
  • Customer service on EE can be truly appalling. I speak as someone who wasted a lot of time trying to get a phone SIM unlock code out of them. A shame because in the early days of Orange they were first class, now their service is shameful
  • Man, EE suck so much... Is the constant referencing of good pricing supposed to be a joke? Also, paying £1 a week means it's not pay as you go... Posted via Android Central App
  • who's the best in UK/Europe? Vodafone?
  • No lol. In the UK for value I'd say three or giffgaff. For the rest of the EU I couldn't say. Posted via Android Central App