EE own-brand Android phone pictured

UK carrier EE could be about to launch its own-branded Android phone, if a photo obtained by Engadget is to be believed. The tiny picture doesn't reveal much besides an EE-themed skin and a squarish design with capacitive keys. But apparently it'll be LTE-capable, and today's report indicates that it'll also support Cat. 4, allowing it to take advantage of the carrier's fastest 4G speeds.

We've seen own-brand handsets from UK carriers in the past, but this would be the first for EE, and the first with 4G LTE connectivity. Pricing will reportedly come in somewhere below the Alcatel OneTouch Idol S, currently EE's cheapest 4G phone, at £130 on PAYG. Engadget says the phone is still "a good few months off" from release, so it appears bargain-seekers will have a little longer to wait.

Source: Engadget

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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