EE launches 30-day 4G SIM-only plans

Starting at £23 for 500MB, going up to £63 for 20GB

EE, currently the UK's only 4G LTE network operator, has launched its first 30-day, 4G SIM-only plans. The plans allow Brits to sample EE's LTE network without committing to a hefty year-long contract, and are divided up by data allowance in the same way as the carrier's 12-month plans. All plans come with unlimited calls and texts, as well as tethering access, with allowances starting at £23 per month for 500MB and going up to £63 for 20GB. Each of the 30-days plans will cost you £2 per month more than the 12-month equivalent, so here's how things shape up --

  • £23 per month for 500MB
  • £28 for 1GB
  • £33 for 3GB
  • £38 for 5GB
  • £43 for 8GB
  • £63 for 20GB

The 30-day plans launch today and are available from EE's online shop, as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

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Alex Dobie
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