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Fun fact: Christmas Day actually is one of the top traffic days of the year for this little site. That makes sense when you stop to think about it. Lots of folks are getting new Android toys. And lots of folks are searching for things about their new toys. And that means there are lots of folks who are finding us for the first time. By that same token, they're also finding you. Your comments. Your forum posts. And I'd argue that's just as (if not more) important than anything we write here.

That's particularly true in the forums, where it's not just a bunch of writers pounding out stories into the ether — it's members helping members. It's folks who spent their hard-earned money on a phone or tablet and want to get the most out of it, and folks who are able to go even more in-depth than we can in this space. That's the important stuff.

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That's not to say we're not working on some new tricks, though. So what to come in 2015?

We're slowly cleaning house. We've got a lot of work left to do on our CMS. Obviously site performance across the board still isn't what we'd like it to be. And we're still working on that. But we're also doing a good bit of work on the basic organization of things. Are we presenting the most important sections on the home page? In the secondary spots? We'll continue to do some experimenting with that. So if something moves on you (and not in a good way), let us know!

We're also laying the groundwork for fixing the organization of all of our device pages. We cover just a few Android things here, and the list is crazy long and a bit unwieldy to work with. And so we need to rethink how we're organizing things so that they're easier for you folks to find, and so that our search tools work correctly in the first place. That's going to be a pretty big, time-consuming endeavor.

Our app is going to get some work done in 2015 as well. We've put off a few pieces of functionality — search is a big one — because we also wanted to get a redesign done. It's taken longer than we all would have liked, but we're finally getting started on it. No ETA yet — you know how those go, and chances are it'll be longer than I want anyway. But that we've finally gotten started on a major new version is a good thing.

You'll see more new faces in 2015 as well. We've ramped up a dedicated Mobile Nations Newsroom in 2014 and have been working out the kinks the past few months, and we continue to try different things to make it a smooth an operation as possible. We'll continue to add new writers as we need to. And we'll continue to add more folks on the editorial side. Russell Holly you already know. (And we didn't trick him or anything. He knows what he's getting into.) And I'm going to not do quite as much day-to-day writing, instead relying on Russell and Jerry and Andrew and Alex and our other writers to do a little more of what they do best — creating the best damned Android stories out there. In return I'm going to get back to editoring and serving them more. (Whether they like it or not!)

But first? CES 2015. This time next week we'll be knee deep in Las Vegas. And just like last year we'll be set up at the lower entrance to South Hall — only bigger. Mobile Nations is again teaming up with our pals from GeekBeat, and the folks from Purch (you know them as Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide and the recently acquired AnandTech) are joining us as well. We'll be broadcasting live Monday through Friday, as well as working from the booth. So if you're at CES, be sure to swing by and say hi!

Want a quick recap of CES 2014? Of course you do.

After that? More new devices, of course. More new software. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February. And that's just the first few months. So we've got lots to do. And I'm as excited about it as ever.

Now let's get to work.