Max and Shannon

Google's latest Android commercial brings a very swift and different reaction — but why?

It's funny how those of us with two legs respond to those with four in a very different way than we do each other. That's not exactly a new thought, and I don't think I'm having it just because we got a new addition to our home last week. (That's Max and my wife, Shannon, above.)

Google's put out three compelling commercials in the past few months. October saw the Andrew WK-themed "And You" spot. At the same time we also got the much more subdued "Be Together. Not the Same." spot. A couple of moving spots, to be sure, and they very much hit me in the feels at the same time. Those commercials, however, also came with a pretty immediate response from those who couldn't stand the sight of same-sex couples for 2 seconds in each 1-minute video and decided to email us about them, thinking we were Google. (We're not alone in that phenomenon.) They petered out around 18, I believe.

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The reaction to the latest "Android: Friends Furever" commercial was even more immediate. Animals of all sizes and breeds, hanging out. Playing. Wrestling. It's a great commercial and a fun watch for anyone. The Alan-A-Dale-penned "Oo-de-lally" soundtrack is perfect. And, again, we immediately began receiving emails.

Wrote Maria: "People are quick to send complaints so I want to do the opposite. Whoever came up with that awesome commercial with those precious animals is a genius. One of the most captivating and beautiful commercials ever! Those combined clips of animals is just touching beyond words. Kudos to your company!"

And adonovan: "I LOVE the new android commercial! Memorable, funny, engaging. The animal clips, especially at the end when the orangutan just drops over, leaves you with a tickle."

And Susan: "Your 'Be together Not the Same' commercial is the BEST. I say AWWWW each time I see it. Love it Love it Love it. I currently have a flip phone...I am old but will be looking into an Android."

And Pat: "Just saw your new commercial on TV last night with the animals backed by Roger Miller's song — what a super idea! Whoever thought that one up should get a big raise — I haven't smiled or laughed at a commercial in a very long time opting instead to surf other channels when they're running. Keep up the good work and let's see some more soon!!"

And Dan: "Attn marketing: CONGRATULATIONS! Your 'be together, not the same' TV commercial is the first commercial I have watched and actually LISTENED TO (not muted) in ... I can't remember how long. I was reaching for the remote, then I heard Roger Miller (isn't he great? Old dogs and children, and watermelon wine) and saw the critters and I was captivated. Anyhow, great spot."

And S Andrea: I do not do techy gadgets, however I LOVE ANIMALS !!!! YOUR CURRENT COMMERCIAL with the ANIMALS and their antics is ABOVE THE TOP !!!!!!!! JUST ABOUT THE BEST...EVER !!! THANK YOU !"

And Luisa: "Loved your commercial with all the animals ... and the original song/singer from Robin Hood. Wouldn't it be nice if humans could 'just get along.' I loved it."

They're all absolutely correct, of course. And these latest emails came in much more quickly than those who took issues with 4 seconds of Google's October spots, which indeed should say something. But I still can't help but wonder why we don't get the same emotional response out of our fellow humans. Why commercials showing people of all different regions, races, religions, genders and sexual orientations didn't inspire folks to send the same words of encouragement. But I'm glad these folks took the time last week. I hope more do. (And I hope and can only assume that the proper folks at Google have gotten their rightful kudos as well.)

In an industry that's still committed to telling us all that their product is the best and the thinnest and the fastest and the most beautifully designed and the most revolutionary and magical, it's again refreshing for Google to remind us that it is, in fact, all about you and me.

A couple other thoughts on the week that was ...

  • I'm having a lot of fun with the Amazon Echo. Look for some sort of review this week. There's a lot of potential there.
  • The "Dreaming with Jeff" thing from Squarespace and is incredible and weird and what the hell? My wife is very oddly into it. (And here's the necessary disclaimer that Squarespace is an occasional advertiser on the Android Central Podcast. But that, of course, has nothing to do with how nuts it is to have The Dude sing you to sleep.)
  • I got tired of complaining about my Nexus 9's performance, so I finally factory reset it. Things are much better now. But for how long? I'm keeping a closer eye on how it's running a I'm reinstalling things.
  • Absolutely loved Shen Ye's "Futurology" series. Great subject matter, and great packaging by Alex.
  • We've still got a few more pieces coming on the Android Antivirus and security front, I think. The reaction to those still intrigues me. So many folks use those sort of apps. Like a warm blanket, I guess.
  • The quick look at Clash of Clans was fun.
  • We've still got more on Google Play coming up this week.
  • I also got to thinking: I don't really know what I need to know about a few manufacturers. Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. What are the phones I as an editor (never mind as a smartphone nerd) need to know about? If I were a first-time buyer, what phones are worth looking at? So we'll be publishing those lists starting Monday. Just quick hits aimed at the folks who could use a little help to get started. And we'll keep updating them as time goes on.

That's it for this week, methinks. See y'all Monday.