Phil Nickinson

It's a working weekend — those of you who've been around a while might remember what that's code for — so I'll keep things really brief this week. Still have a few thoughts on things, though, so let's get to it.

  • Android Auto ... Have only had it in the car for a few days now, but I'm loving the idea. As a first-generation product it's really well done, I think.
  • That said, it's not a cheap proposition at this point. I spent about $1,000 getting the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX — that's the lowest-priced unit (I'm not going to call these things low-end) — purchased and installed. Certainly you can save a little money if you can do things yourself. I can't.
  • And that said ... this sort of tech needs to be everywhere. Kudos to the car manufacturers who see the value of putting both Android Auto- and CarPlay-capable systems in their vehicles.
  • Android Auto or not, this is also my first Bluetooth-capable system. And it makes me even more glad I made my wife shell out a little extra for hers a few years ago — it's a safety thing. Taking phone calls is 1,000 times safer. (That's not to say I think you should be gabbing the instant you're in the car.)
  • It's so awesome to see the Android Central Podcast playing through Pocket Casts in a car.
  • Lots more on that to come later. I'm working on other things at the moment. For now, I highly recommend Ep. 23 of the Android Developers Backstage podcast, and also you should swing by our Android Auto forums to see what other folks are saying. I'm not the only one who's taking the plunge.

Some non-Android Auto stuff:

  • If you're in the U.S., be sure to enter our contest to be one of the first to get and help review Huawei's next flagship phone! We've got 10 phones to give away. Enter here!
  • Get ready for the benchmark debate all over again. I stand by what we've said for years now: They have their place. But they hardly give the complete picture of a phone. And that's why we don't (usually) do them or put them in a review.
  • (This space reserved for later tonight.)
  • This "on-body detection" thing to keep your phone unlocked when you pick it up seems really weird.
  • Said it before and I'll say it again: I love watching Russell have fun with this 3D printing stuff.

Aight, that's it for this week. Back to work. See ya'll in a few.