My grandmother turns 89 years old today. As I told her yesterday, that's pretty old. And pretty awesome, when you stop to think about it, even with the indignity that comes with aging. I like to think the things she experienced when she was my age 50 years ago (!) would be as historically amazing to me now as holding an iPhone is for her.

And it's a nice reminder that so much of what we think we care about these days simply doesn't matter in the larger scheme. I'm hardly breaking any new cranky white guy ground here, I know. Intellectually, I think we all realize just how silly we tend to get about things. And we all do it, every day. I make a living off it. And I think it's OK to be a little silly about things from time to time, so long as we at least attempt to keep some sort of context.

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It's a working weekend for a few of us here, so I'll keep this brief. But we're absolutely back in the heart of the silly season, with new Nexus phones (and I'm genuinely excited for them this year), new iPhones, new Windows phones on the way, and even BlackBerry still trying to do its best impression of a company that's not yet dead. We've got loads of good stuff coming up this week and in the weeks ahead. Comparisons will be made. Tears will be shed. Insults will be traded. And then we'll do it all again next year. Or next month.

Let's just try to keep it all in context.

A few other thoughts on things ...

  • I'm ridiculously excited that we finally pushed out the new version of our Android Central App. Again, it's not 100 percent perfect. (Nothing ever is.) A good chunk of our pain points will be lessened when we update the code base, though. So I'm really not losing sleep.
  • Instagram needs to worry less about random nipples (free 'em!) and more about the actual porn spam that's taking over.
  • And I don't buy the line about it all being about the age rating in iTunes.
  • I'm kind of fascinated by Playboy's decision to go PG-13 in print. The father-of-daughters in me loves it. But the editor in me can't help but note the historical change. (My editor-wife noted this, too.)
  • But change is good.
  • As is this thought piece from a 1963 playmate.
  • Larry David as Bernie Sanders — took me a minute to realize it wasn't actually Bernie Sanders.
  • I like that the Democratic debate was considered to be "boring." Politics has to rise back above the level of loud TV soundbites.
  • (He says, knowing full well folks are sick and tired of hearing how we're all sick and tired of hearing about hearing about those ... those damn emails.)
  • Not sure I'd want Uncle Fluffy as president, though.
  • Either way, it's going to be an interesting — and long — next 12 months.
  • I'm of the mind that it's possible for the new Magic Mouse design to be both bad and inconsequential, insofar as charging it goes. You know, pretty much like how nobody actually gives a shit about the bottom of the Galaxy S6. Except Apple bloggers, I suppose.
  • And as long as I'm cursing — holy shit, that Michigan-Michigan State finish.

That's it for this week. Much more to come.