I and the other Mobile Nations editors spent much of last week in Miami, working on the future of the organization of our organization. And giving me the excuse to use this picture you now enjoy here. (From the G4, with some HDR and post-processing love.) It's always great to actually see the people you work with. We don't get to do that often enough. And that we tend to do it at the opposite end of the state in which I spend 90 percent of my time is amusing. Canadians in Florida never gets old. (That said, I'd freeze to death in minutes if I go any farther north than, oh, St. Louis, any time after September.)

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You probably won't see any sweeping changes anytime soon here at AC. And that's by design. But make no mistake, we've got big things in the works for the months and years ahead. I, for one, am excited as hell.

A couple quick thoughts on the week that was, and the weeks ahead:

  • Our Google Play Newsstand edition — specifically the "News" section — apparently broke while I was gone. It looks OK from my end, and Google's helping us look into it. But obviously it's been broken longer than I'd like. Apologies, and thanks for your patience. We'll do a big celebratory blog post once it's fixed.
  • A nice high-level explainer from Jerry on what Android really is. And make no mistake, it's not just one thing. Not by a long shot. That sort of nuance often is lost in the various hit pieces you see every week.
  • I've said it before: That any of this stuff works at all is, to me, incredible — and a testament to the work of countless men and women. That's not lost on me as we head into Google I/O next week.
  • A really good (and scary) Sunday piece from the Philadelphia Inquirer on last week's train crash.
  • Looking forward to meeting all the readers who are coming along Monday to the North American launch event for the ASUS Zenfone 2 in New York City.
  • I also met a reader (hi, Joe!) at the airport last week. Meeting folks goes such a long way toward reminding us that "readers" are, in fact, "people." (Yes, all of them.) That goes for those of us on the other side of the keyboard as well, of course.
  • I completely agree with Russell. If you haven't taken a look at the Dell Venue 8 7840 already, now's a good time.
  • Finally saw Birdman. Wow.
  • Here's an odd and annoying issue when trying to sideload an OTA update onto the ASUS ZenWatch from a Mac. Can't target a single instance because they both have the same serial and USB ID.

And with that, it's family time before another 36-hour road trip. Y'all have a good one.