Phil nickinson

It's a holiday weekend, so I'll keep things short this fine Sunday. But I'm pretty stoked for this week's announcement of the LG G3 (and hating Alex and Richard for being so close to London it precludes me from going to the main event). And that's just the start of a crazy month — I'm on the road three out of the four full weeks of June already. So much fun stuff is on the way.

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Anyhoo. It's Memorial Day Weekend. So I'll be brief. Stay safe out there.

  • I live in a beach town, a huge destination for the unofficial start of summer — and a huge yearly get-together for our LGBT friends. It's important as hell to our tourism industry here. But this year I can't help but wonder: What would happen if instead of sand and sun and hot dogs we all just camped out outside of the VA building in Washington?
  • That's not a political rant. That's a be-good-to-your-friend-in-need rant.
  • OK, I guess it's sort of a political rant. Whatever.
  • Speaking of rants, count me in the "That's not how to do things" camp when it comes to yet another dust-up over Google Glass. I completely agree with Russell Holly on this one. It's absolutely possible to share your message and help educate folks without being a dick.
  • So much good stuff is happening with the Android Central app right now. Yes, we're working on notifications. (It's incredible how fast Google Cloud Messaging gets things done. Makes you loathe RSS and Twitter for getting the word out.) No, I can't give you an ETA. We need to be a little careful about how we implement notifications, given that we publish, on average, around 30 stories a day.
  • But why stop at the app when it comes to notifications, though? More on that later.
  • Saw a site using app downloads as a prerequisite for a contest entry. That's just gross. If you download our app, do it because you think it's a great way to read Android Central. (And in some ways it might even be better than the browser experience.)
  • But speaking of Android Central in the browser, we've got some big visual changes coming up on that front as well. It'll be an extended process. We're not rolling out one huge redesign all at once. But you will notice. And it's gonna be very, very cool.
  • Folks, Google designs things all the time. Its apps. Android itself. Happens every year. Be not surprised by this, particularly as we edge closer to Google I/O.
  • But we're also getting into the silly season, where we all need to think twice about what we see. (And for us here, think twice before posting.)

That's it for this week. Things should be relatively slow on Monday, but I would recommend checking in. As always, thanks for reading.