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I'll be perfectly honest, I walked into our most recent podcast not expecting all that much. We're still waiting on Motorola to announce its new phone and release the Moto 360. Yeah, the Amazon Fire Phone is out, but most of the hard-core folks don't want to hear about it, and while I think it's got a lot of interesting things going on with it, it's probably not a phone I'd actually recommend. What we were going to talk about, then?

But an hour and a half later that preconceived notion was proven completely wrong. Nearly 90 full minutes of thoughtful and dynamic conversation about the Fire Phone. And about display technology and what that actually means for us as end users. And the Android L release and what it might mean for design as well as function in conjunction with the desires of HTC and Samsung and others. And yet another week full of engaging questions from the folks listening live, who continue to impress. The Hangouts Q&A feature may be one of my favorite additions to the podcast, actually.

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And I've got a few more ideas that we'll try to implement in the coming weeks.Podcasts are in no way dead. Hell, they're still just getting started. If you've yet to give ours a go, I invite you to take a listen to this week's episode. And hit up our podcast page for all the different ways to subscribe so you never miss an episode.

A few other thoughts on the week that was, and the week that's coming up:

  • One thing we forgot to talk about on the podcast is Verizon's new thing about "allowing" you to uninstall some of its "preloaded" bloatware. I dunno if you can call it a preload if it installs itself after you log in. I remember seeing Clash of Clans and Slacker and install themselves as I set up my Verizon LG G3, but I didn't think much of it at the time, figuring it was an actual preload just updating itself. I'm really not crazy about this idea. Once I log into Google Play, I'm the one who should decide what gets installed. Not Verizon. Preloads are preloads, and while they're still bad, at least they're predictable. Hijacking ain't cool.
  • I caught Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra last night here in Pensacola. I've been to all kinds of concerts and shows, and most of the time they sort of drag on. I know the songs. I know the moves. But this was one of the quickest two hours I've ever had. Easily could have listened to another two hours. And spending time to play with young musicians before the show — that's what it's all about.
  • Now that I think about it, I've been to a few events at the Jazz at Lincoln Center hall in Columbus Circle in New York. But never for jazz. I'll have to do something about that.
  • Mad props to Nilay Patel and our old pal Dieter Bohn for taking the reins of The Verge.
  • Some really good discussion in last week's column. I'm not going to stop using this space once a week to write about whatever I want. Don't like it? Don't read it. There are any number of places that will scrape app feeds and page change alerts and call it a day. We like to do more than that here.
  • What happens when one company fails to respond to a melted phone? Another one swoops in and very publicly gains a customer. Smart.
  • That said, it's still important to remember that for every single battery meltdown, there are millions of others that are perfectly fine. That doesn't mean it's a good thing, but you have to keep these events in perspective.
  • A great take on rooting and why it's just not the be-all end-all it used to be by Ara Wagoner. Check your e-mail, Ara.
  • We're starting to post things to Instagram a bit. Be sure to follow us there if you use it.
  • No, the parking lot isn't finished yet.

That's it for this week. I'm gonna go sweat it out in the yard for a bit. Catch y'all Monday.