New features always are a fun thing, and we've just rolled out a long-awaited improvement to the site — particularly for those of you outside the United States.

You might have already noticed this past week the addition of a "U.S. Edition" or "UK Edition" icon on the home page. That's part of our new tool for providing better content based on your interests — and your geographic region. While U.S. carrier news is important to those of us in the U.S., it's not all that useful elsewhere. By that same token, our increased coverage of the Indian market probably isn't all that interesting to someone in, say, Kansas.

So the homepage now has this new filter. We're starting out with our four largest readerships — the U.S., UK, Canada and India. There's also a "Global" option, which lets you see all the stories for all the world, all the time. But select one of those regional options and you'll get the stories that are specific to that region, in addition to all the stuff that applies to everyone. But if you've selected U.S., you'll no longer have to sift through the Canadian-specific content, or see what's going on in India.

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It's easy, and it's just the beginning. We're starting with our largest regions, naturally, but there's no reason we can't add more. Want more coverage of your neck of the woods? Let us know! And this gives us the option for more specific individual feeds and the like. We'll update when these new features get their own new features, of course.

But for now, it's more Android news and reviews the way you want it.

A few other thoughts on things ...

  • Here's your annual reminder that we don't do April Fools' Day jokes on the site. It's all hard news, all the time. With the occasional screenshot tutorial to keep folks honest.
  • Good find by Patrick Hill. An HTC Sense launcher in the works for non-HTC phones?
  • The first episode of West Wing Weekly was pretty good.
  • At this point, I'm not expecting Google to roll out podcasts in Google Play Music until this Amazon Echo competitor thing comes to light.
  • A couple good political editorials that are worth a read. Rolling Stone's endorsement of Clinton is very well reasoned, even if it does gloss over some of her negatives.
  • And the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser has an excellent takedown of the mess in Alabama — and how we the voters (OK, not me — I'm 20 minutes into Florida) created it.
  • My main takeaway of this election cycle is still that we voted [insert crazy candidate here] into office in the first place. How? Why? And when will someone better run?
  • I'd vote for this guy, though.
  • It's been fascinating watching Cuba the past week or two. My good friend and USA Today reporter Alan Gomez (a Cuban himself) is worth following for an inside look at what's going on on the ground there.
  • Mike Elgan is doing some cool stuff from Cuba, too.
  • Yikes.
  • This Microsoft Tay thing was silly from the start. Do we really need explainers how a bunch of assholes turned an AI into an asshole, too? And we should be proud of this?

Been listening to A Tribe Called Quest all week after the death of Phife Dawg. Definitely outside my norm, but damned good stuff. That's it for this week. See y'all Monday.

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