Moto X on a shelf

We finally got rid of our home landline a few months ago. But one thing my wife and I quickly realized was that we still needed some sort of "home" phone, just in case our soon-to-be-9-year-old gets off the school bus and finds there's no one here to meet her. I'd rigged up a Nexus 7 with Google Hangouts Dialer, but that was a clunky solution. We needed a real phone. Besides, I figured, it's probably time for Kid No. 1 to start learning about how to use phones.

The next question, then, was what to start her out with. The 2013 Moto X was a pretty easy choice. But recently I'd tried moving her over to one of those new unlocked phones. Doesn't even matter which one — and there a number of good options available from Alcatel One Touch, ASUS and others — the end result was the same. The newer phone was just too big for her still-child-sized hands. And just as important, I think, is the simplicity of the "stock" Android UI over custom jobs. Not that she couldn't figure them out, but it's just that with the Moto X she doesn't have to learn anything new. And there's something to be said for that.

Verizon is offering the Pixel 4a for just $10/mo on new Unlimited lines

So the kid's back on the Moto X. And I'm back to teaching her that maybe she doesn't have to use the phone to talk to me from the other side of the house.

A few other thoughts on things:

  • We're all over the place the next two weeks. Jerry and I are headed to Google I/O this week. Alex is heading to Beijing for a Lenovo junket (disclosure: on Lenovo's dime), and then he and Richard are hitting up Computex in Taipei (I'm paying for that one). And I don't mind admitting that for as much as I want to be in San Francisco this week, I'm a little jealous of them.
  • I love it when folks complain "Why are you writing so much about xxxxxx?" Why are we doing things that way? Because it's exactly how I said we were going to do things. And, again, it's not like we stop writing about other things in the meantime.
  • Is one post a day as part of a series — and that's 1 out of 20, on a light day — really that hard for some folks to deal with? Or are we just that quick to complain now?
  • And now that we've got a better feel for the final-ish version of the LG G4 software, we're going to start breaking it down over the coming weeks. Get those complaints ready.
  • It's been interesting to read about our favorite Android Wear watches — and a little surprising to see the Moto 360 nearly sweep.
  • I've never understood why companies that make ad-blocking apps send press releases to sites that make a living off ads.
  • And I understand even less why those sites give such a tool any promotion.
  • That doesn't mean we can't have an interesting conversation about it, though.

That's it for this week. Hope everyone has/had a good holiday weekend.