Early PS5 hands-ons give us a preview of console size, next-gen games, DualSense

Ps5 Angle
Ps5 Angle (Image credit: Android Central)

We're just over a month away from the release of the PS5 and Sony has given Japanese journalists and YouTubers the opportunity to go hands-on with the console ahead of its launch on November 12. So far, impressions are looking good. It's definitely a chonky console, but we already knew that. We've rounded up the most interesting tidbits we've learned along with some new pictures.

The PS5 is quiet

According to publications like 4Gamer and Dengeki Online, the PS5 is not as loud as the PS4 or PS4 Pro. There were some concerns previously because the fan on the PS4 can get loud, so loud that it's frequently referred to as a jet engine. This doesn't appear to be the case with the PS5, but it should also be noted that these console's were tested in ideal scenarios with only a select number of games (Astro's Playroom, Godfall, and Balan Wonderworld).

"...what was shocking to me this time was how quiet the fan was," states Dengeki. "There must have been many people who were curious about this. It was so quiet!"

PS5 DualSense impressions

While publications and influences were not able to test out the Create button on the DualSense, we did learn more about its LED lighting. The light bar can glow in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, and purple. What's interesting is that there are four separate LEDs on the bottom of the light bar, and these can be used to indicate with player you are in a multiplayer or co-op match.

AV Watch notes that the DualSense's buttons are much more quiet when pressed than those on the DualShock 4. As for its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, those seem to work as advertised.

PS5 New pictures

PS5 New gameplay

Only Astro's Playroom, Godfall, and Balan Wonderland were playable. The gameplay itself doesn't show off anything super new, but it's nice to watch regardless.

What is this weird nut?

Ps5 Weird Nut

Source: 4Gamer (Image credit: Source: 4Gamer)

During 4Gamer's hands-on, they noticed a weird nut or bolt that can be seen between the vents in the PS5's casing on the upper right. It's unclear what this if for, but there is speculation that it could be used to remove the shell of the console and access the inside.

Until we learn more, let us all bow down to our mysterious nut overlord.

PS5 A lot of unknowns

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the PS5 — of which there are many — is what its UI will look like. We still don't have an answer to that. Sony has been very cagey in regards to showing off the user interface and detailing other features of the console. This was a very limited preview provided to Japanese outlets.

What do you think?

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The PS5 is set to release on November 12 in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. It will reach rest of the world, including Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, and South Africa on November 19. It will cost $499 ($629.99 CAD) and the PS5 Digital Edition will cost $399 ($499.99 CAD).

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