Early build of Firefox for Android looks like ... a very early build of Firefox for Android

Here's the problem with developing your application in public, with the source code readily available: Next thing you know, what's really not meant for widespread dissemination is bring run by every Tom, Dick and Harry with a phone and incorrectly dubbed "leak," "beta" or at least "pre-Alpha." And that's fine. that's part of the deal. (And it's why we have to go rumor hunting on occasion.)

So remember that as you watch the videos of the Firefox browser on Android after the break. Remember that this isn't some leak, or even a proper beta released by Mozilla. This is readily available code, compiled and running on a phone. It's not fast. It's huge. And it's nowhere near ready for judgment.

If you do want to follow along the development of the mobile Firefox browser (aka Fennec), we suggest you do so at Mozilla's site here and here, as we've been doing for quite some time. But if you still really need a look at it running on a phone, do so after the break. [via XDA Developers and Android Forums]

Phil Nickinson