Durango: Wild Lands is a brand new MMORPG featuring dinosaurs — need we say more? [Android Game of the Week]

Dinosaurs. Who doesn't love a good game about dinosaurs? In Durango: Wild Lands, a bizarre occurrence on a train warps you and other passengers through a time rift between Earth 2019 and some prehistoric world inhabited by dinosaurs of all kinds. You'll need to meet up with other humans who are trying to adapt and thrive in this new world.

Durango: Wild Lands is a brand new MMORPG for mobile that feels like a nice combination of two games I've previously looked at for Android — ARK: Survival Evolved and LIfeAfter — because it's essentially a survival game set in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs that also places an emphasis on teamwork (with AI players to start) and a birds-eye view instead of a first-person view.

The high-angle perspective lets you first appreciate the beauty of the lush jungle and creatures around you, and also makes it significantly easier to find nearby supplies or characters to interact with. The controls and interface are about as good as it gets with a tap-and-follow method for controlling your character, tapping to interact with items, buildings, characters and creatures, and all your supplies, crafting menus, and character info just a few taps away. Everything is intelligently implemented here and the polish really shows.

It's a good long while into the game before you unlock the online multiplayer aspects of the game, as you first must learn about scavenging for supplies, crafting tools, cooking food, attacking and defending yourself, using warps, setting up camps, learning new skills — there's a ton to learn and do in this game even before interacting with other players.

With so much to explore and do in the game, this could become a new crossover obsession for fans of both MMORPGs and dinosaurs. It's free-to-play but eventually introduces in-app purchases for Durango coins that can be spent in the shop on cosmetic upgrades and items to help your long-term survival.

Download: Durango: Wild Lands (Free w/IAPs)

Marc Lagace

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