DroidBerry Theme For Blackberry Bold Makes It Look Like Android

Ah, the serene infinity water wallpaper. The giant clock. The battery charge icon. It all looks so familiar--but what is that darned Blackberry Logo doing on the bottom tab !? Well, turns out folks, our friends over at Crackberry have found a way to make their Bolds look more like Androids and from our perspective, it looks pretty accurate. There are a few obvious Blackberry touches but for the most part Jason Calhoun, the creator of this theme, did a really great job. What is more than a bit weird is that the Giant Clock doesn't actually work...it's just for show.

We've said it before but Android needs a Blackberry Bold type form factor because that simply would be a game changer. We guess merging an Android Theme with the Bold is a semi-start, kind of?


Casey Chan