Droid X root achieved

Looking to root the Droid X? You can now do so. The lads at AllDroid broke down the biggest phone still standing, and you can now access all the secret chambers of its inner ... Oh, what's root, you ask? Check out our handy Root FAQ here.

This still doesn't quite kill off all the FUD regarding the bootloader. We're talking root access, not custom ROMs just yet. But it's a big step. You'll need to be handy with the command line (and if you can copy and paste, you should be), and read the instructions, because everything on the Droid X will have root access after this. [AllDroid via Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Very cool indeed.
  • 1 week. Score for the hackers.
  • Now we just need to figure out that damn bootloader.
  • Haven't rooted before, but might give this one a try if only to get rid of some bloat apps that we're not "allowed" to uninstall..
  • Its about time! Good job guys. That was fast.
  • Awesome. Makes me not miss my original droid so much. What about an extended battery for the X? Anybody know?
  • For real? I have so many widgets running, and am a heavy user (no audio streaming though) and my X last about 15 hours or so.
  • Makes me want to buy the X now. If they crack the bootloader I'm buying this phone INSTANTLY
  • I feel the same way. At this point my NE2 is available, and I want the X, but I will wait for the Fascinate if they can't get to the bootloader.
  • I stream pandora for part of my day and use my phone for business calls so yes,i use a lot of juice.
  • yeah. free wifi tether is an oldy. get ur bifocals on and keep up with the times old man.
  • When will a free Wifi tething app be released now that root access has been gained?
  • There have been a couple in the Market for a long time. Have had it on my Droid for months.
  • would gaining root access then allow the deletion of unwanted apps and allow the installation of a wifi hotspot app, correct? this is why I backed off the X at first - the hotspot app in particular. I've been patiently watching and learning, this could finally make me push the order button ;)
  • sweet i can't wait to dump all the useless apps i 'll never use. just this alone is good for me.
  • I have the DI and I love it. Haven't had a chance to play with the X yet, but it looks like another awesome phone. It also looks like the hackers who do this stuff are on the ball. Hats off to them, and cheers to all the new X owners.
  • Ha I just saw the tweet
  • If I decided to 'un-root' my DX, will it be possible?
  • Yes! This makes my decision 100x easier... I have been debating between a Droid X and a Droid Incredible for the last two weeks. I was in the VZW store last night playing with the demo models and my heart really wanted the X - but my head kept pushing me back to the DInc because of the option to WiFi tether using a root app. (I won't use WiFi tether enough to justify the $20 / month charge that VZW wants to sell me...)
  • I rooted my DX but how i remove the bloatware? Sorry if this is a n00b question but this is my first droid! Thanks!
  • Get Root Explorer from the market then you can navigate through the files. You then just need to find where they are storing their internal apps and delete or rename to .bak so you can put it back if needed. Be careful though cause if you delete the wrong file or rename your phone will no longer work.
  • ummm no we don't have system read write access yet..........
  • I'm so elated that I'm getting my Droid X. I'm very inexperienced and unfamiliar with Droid X and how it runs. But I'm looking forward to learning how to do this and that. :)
  • I have decided after seeing this phone in person that I am going to keep my Droid Incredible , especially since I know Android 2.2 is right around the corner with a host of other upgrades !!! I was not at all impressed with the Droid X , it leaves a lot to be desired
  • for example.....?
  • OK , I didnt like its size, I didnt like the feel of it , waasnt impressed with the screen , hated the blur or whatever they have over the android system , camera button is very stiff , REALLY hate the BUMP on the back of the phone , cant believe it didnt come with froyo and it feels a bit cheap compared to the original droid . there will be far better phones coming soon , just see nothing to make me dump my incredible , the Incredible is every bit as good in most every category and when it gets froyo and a host of other upgrades that gap will be null and void , then its only screen size and like I said this phone is wau to big , I HATE the Evo for this fact, this phone is even bigger
  • there is no blur. there's no moto blur. there's no ninja blur. soo.. yeah.. no. camera button is stiffer im going to assume for better auto focus purposes. 1 big bump in the back... eh, mechanical shutter is sorta big, agreed, but htc incredible made ugly ridges instead so that the massive camera unit they have on that phone doesn't stick out so much. i rather 1 bump across the top of the phone, rather then a phone nipple on the back. it feels cheap compared to the original droid? fine. htc incredible feels like a sony ericson next to the original droid. the incredible is very good in most categories, except for the qualcomm [snapdragon] processor. texas instrument processors have always been slightly better with battery life. performance, yes, i will agree feels the same so far. and your right, disappointing that it didn't come out with froyo. but as you also mentioned "when when it gets froyo" meaning it doesn't have 2.2 yet either.. most of your argument here, you kinda turned around and went against it yourself.. i dont know.. i figure if im reading it like that, others should be too, because i am in no means smart.. smart ass. but not smart. im not knocking the htc droid incredible either, i happen to like my incredible. but i like my droid x better just because of one of the things you mentioned somewhat about the feel. the htc feels cheaper in my hand than the droid x. actually, droid x wholesale is a lot more expensive than the incredible, so it is cheaper. *shrugs* i'm just sayin.. not trying to troll ya.. but im just sayin
  • Wow. eFuse defeated. You can't stop the open-source. {{-_-}}
  • Straight up
  • I see so many responses as to why Motorola should allow rooting and custom ROM flashing for the Droid X, but I have a reasonable suggestion on it. Yes, on an open platform (Android), Motorola should allow the X to be hacked, if you choose to brick it! But, their business goal is to provide a product, with enough useful features and whiz bang, that will satisfy an ordinary customer. Frankly, I wish Motorola had an service option, purchasable at the vendor's store (i.e. Verizon), that would grant any Droid X owner the "permission" to hack their phone. The cost of such an option would be comensurate with what it would take Motorola to restore the device to a functioning state in case a hacker bricked it. So, then, Motorola would still make money by allowing hackers to run custom ROMS, and support repairs, and hackers would be happy like kids in a candy store to do whatever they want, and ordinary customers could care less about hacking since the "factory" version already would provide the features, bells and whistles, they need in the phone. Everyone wins!
  • One Click Rooting not working for me, I installed program and have my setting correct on phone (USB debugging checked) I start program and it gets to the part where it says to go to Bluetooth and toggle after clicking continue but it fails out. Any ideas?