Droid X officially 'coming soon' on Verizon's website

If you need something to whet your appetite as we wait for next week's announcement, the Motorola Droid X is now listed as "Coming soon" on Verizon's Droid microsite. You can feed Verizon your e-mail address for more info later, which we're sure everyone's going to want to do. [Verizon] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: Hover over the phone and it shows what you see above -- it's got a 4.3-inch screen (not 4.4 inches as previously noted) at 720p. Whoa. Really? Assuming that's correct and it's really a 720-pixel-wide screen, there's going to be a lot trash talking regarding the iPhone 4, with its mere 960x640 screen. But more than likely they mean 720p output through the HDMI port. Stay tuned.

Update #2: Verizon has updated their web page and it now says "Captures 720p".  We take that to mean it will have the same 854x480 display that it's older brother the Motorola Droid has, but no confirmation one way or another on that as of yet. Thanks for the tip Kyleg!

Phil Nickinson