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Droid X officially 'coming soon' on Verizon's website

If you need something to whet your appetite as we wait for next week's announcement, the Motorola Droid X is now listed as "Coming soon" on Verizon's Droid microsite. You can feed Verizon your e-mail address for more info later, which we're sure everyone's going to want to do. [Verizon] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: Hover over the phone and it shows what you see above -- it's got a 4.3-inch screen (not 4.4 inches as previously noted) at 720p. Whoa. Really? Assuming that's correct and it's really a 720-pixel-wide screen, there's going to be a lot trash talking regarding the iPhone 4, with its mere 960x640 screen. But more than likely they mean 720p output through the HDMI port. Stay tuned.

Update #2: Verizon has updated their web page and it now says "Captures 720p".  We take that to mean it will have the same 854x480 display that it's older brother the Motorola Droid has, but no confirmation one way or another on that as of yet. Thanks for the tip Kyleg!

  • So it BEGINS !!! lol FIRST !
  • Quit being stupid and posting FIRST!, its lame, I always hate people who post this crap. Nobody gives a crap if you post FIRST, if you post first you could post something more constructive.
  • Not to call you a hypocrite or anything but your post was just as constructive as the one you complained about. None the less, the Droid X looks to be a pretty awesome phone, only its missing one thing, a front facing camera. Also ninjablur/motoblur is not the greatest OS overlay. But a good phone overall, 2nd best to the Evo. I love my Evo like a child.
  • i know that it wasn't but this guy DOES IT ALL THE TIME.
  • Yeah, that 'first' crap is obnoxious, but whatever. I just pretend the post doesn't exist. A trolls vision is based on movement, perhaps? Toolbags aside, I felt like you about the Evo/DroidX/front facing camera debate, and ultimately I think its a non issue (for me). A front cam would just end up being a novelty item for me, as I don't have family across the country, or children far away in college. The EVO is awesome, but the cam isn't widely used, and not necessary. The thing is huge though, and I assume this is a growing cell phone trend. Which is cool.
  • For sale one slightly used incredible.... ok but will it have 2.2? And what about about hold on Phil... FLASH? All Droid owners got crapped on by saying the Droid1 will have flash.
  • Um... the Moto Droid will have Flash and Froyo. Hell it is going to be one of the first besides the Nexus One to get its' update. There have already been leaked release candidates for Froyo on the Droid. Most rooted Droids are running said leaked RC or modified version of it right now.
  • I usually wait to end of October to upgrade. Most of the new phones for the year have hit, that way I have my choice and I feel like I didnt miss anything.
  • We where told we would have flash in.Dec Jan not when the Droid1 LIfe is over.
  • wow it must really suck to have JUST got an Incredible haha I'm glad I waited to renew my Verizon contract
  • That is a silly statement to make, not everyone wants to carry a laptop in their pocket. The DI is a great phone, with sense and its 3.7" size is the perfect fit for me. The Evo seems to big for a day to day business phone and this new moto is even larger plus I dont care for blur at all. Everyone has different needs, but I guess you don't understand that.
  • Agreed..
  • yep. there is no way i will go bigger than my DInc. the Evo is really nice but just too big - this one follows suit. the DInc is almost too big for my pocket as is.
  • Well I can upgrade next month at the two year pricing as I am one year into owning this pos blackberry. Not sure what one I want. I love the incredible from using my buddy's but am liking the extra screen of the X. I will have to see the size and compare. Never really been a phone of motorola phones either. Always thought the speaker phone sucked on them too and I use it all the time... Guess time will tell. Wish we had a rough estimation on the size other than "bigger than the evo".
  • NOt if you have 15 lines at your disposal, lets see, in one year ive had Storm, Tour, Imagio, Touch 2, Moto Droid, Palm Pre and Incredible, so YES, I will have this one as well whatever comes out in the next year. Oh did I mention, I only paid $99 for my incredible- enough of that. Agreed with commenters below, this thing looks awesome, but seems borderline big.
  • bkj216, not at all: I really like Sense UI so this doesn't bother me too much. When the next big HTC release comes out, THEN we'll see how I feel!
  • cant wait for this phone!!
  • Why does everyone gripe about blur? Its like saying I'm not buying this mansion because the front door is the wrong color! Lol two minutes and no more blur. :) thanks to the devs that make that option happen.
  • Only after it has been rooted. I am waiting for more videos to leak of this. Maybe moto built an option to turn blur off. I am sure that after Gingerbread comes out, if the reports are correct, that no one will want sense or blur after that point anyways. They really should be installable apps anyways.
  • Not everyone wants to root their devices to enjoy them they way they would like to. I hated having to jailbreak my iPhone which is why I don't carry one anymore (that and ATT is a joke). Blur hasn't fit the bill for to many, so their will be alot of people to pass on this because of that. It would be nice if you could just flip a switch and turn it off.
  • No no, I think they can't be stating 720P screen for HDMI output, or else they wouldn't have advertised the HDMI Output as one of the features. I really do think the screen on this device is going to be 720P...that just crazy. This is the power of Android, they just keep on coming out with devices that just has crazy specs. I think 720P on this size of a screen = 342PPI, that take away the mighty retina display apple was touting.
  • what, is it 720p output or 720p display? is this ad for real? coz i see no way a 4.3inch screen can carry 720p pixels, my 15 inch desktop got 1024x768 only, and even if it is for real, i don't see it has any practical meaning....
  • I would have to say screen. Since it says 720p screen. But we all know that carriers aren't the best at displaying proper specs on their phones.
  • I'm going to have to call B.S. on the 720p screen.
    I simply do not believe this device will have a 720x1280 pixel screen.
    Sorry, but no.
    I think Verizon will have to do some adjusting of their advertising copy, and quick.
  • you mean 1280 x 720 why couldn't it have a 720p screen? Just because past technology can't get there, doesn't mean this new device can't. That said, it's probably a misprint, lol.
  • Even though I live in Europe and I own a HTC Desire which I love, this has got me excited!! The entire 'Droid' campaign that Verizon has is awesome. Very curious to see if the '720p' screen is for real. That would really mean Motorola has balls. Blow away the iPhone 4 before it even launches! Its done Apple, this years cycle the competition will crush you. Muahaha :D
  • third paragraph, if it is on commercial it should be no typo....
  • just to dam big. Sticking with the Incredible.
  • I doubt they'll correct their typo until the 23rd, although I'd like to see them pull the "720p" quote down or the entire page for that matter. Why would they confirm it's not actually 1280x720 when they can get all this great free press until then. Now if it is actually 1280x720... hello BBstorm replacement. I may actually consider getting this even if it doesn't launch with 2.2 if it has a screen that crazy.
  • No front facing camera is my only issue, not that im really complaining about it. I just think that's going to be another reason for someone to bash this device since the EVO and iPhone 4 currently have it. It is kind of weird that they didn't include that. With that said, if this 720P screen resolution is actually true this device will have something none other would. 1280x720 would simply look amazing! Motoblur isn't that big of a issue. This device is looking like something i am considering! It's big, but who cares, it looks badass!
  • @ Phil Nickinson Verizon has updated their site...
    Please update your picture & info on this thread.
    When you hover your cursor over the Droid X,
    you will now see that it reads, "Captures 720P"
    NOT 720P Screen.
  • No longer says 720p says, "captures 720p". Oh well...
  • probably a stupid question. When phones like this come out, does this put the droid incredible towards the back of the bus. Also can the incredible get these features that the droid x has? Again i apologize if these are dumb questions.
  • It doesn't have any features the Incredible doesn't just a bigger screen and hdmi output
  • Oh well 480P isnt bad either right...........right?............................................................................................right?....................................................
  • Looks like a beauty...hope they get their promo right though...
  • I don't know about you people but unless you've actually tried an EVO you shouldn't bash it. I for one have the EVO and gave my Droid to my wife, I can guarantee that anyone with an EVO will agree, they'll NEVER go back to to a 3.7" screen. PERIOD. Why you ask? Once you get use to the real estate you won't want to go back to something smaller. Hell, just put a Droid side by side to an EVO. Sure it's looks like a monster - but it doesn't feel that way at all. It IS thin and lightweight regardless of what you hear from others. The front facing camera is not a deal maker or deal breaker, it's having the 4G - YES IT'S TRUE, UNLESS YOUR IN A 4G CITY (I am) what good is it and why pay the $10 tax? Why? Because the 4G knocks your socks off that's why, that plus the OVERCLOCKABLE 1GHz Snapdragon that the Droid Incredible has. Whether is the same exact processor doesn't matter - it's still overclockable. Hey "Android Life" stop your bitching, jeez what a sore looser complaining about AC's post! Are you that hardup for readers that you come in here and rag about a post? Surely AC would've saw the info was updated and they WOULD'VE CORRECTED THEIR OWN POST in an update. So CHILL out dude. Lastly, I have an EVO in my hands and don't have to wait until Big Red releases their 4.3" phone to enjoy it. Plus I switched to Sprint to grab an EVO and their plans are a better value and I've found their customer service to be more than equal to task just as Verizon is. So far that is...
  • i knew it i said thhe other day that i bet it was only a 4.3 screen not a 4.4
  • I just wish it weren't so darn big! It's like a graphing calculator! I like smaller phones... I was going to cancel my order on the Incredible but now I don't think I will. :o(
  • Absolutely no regrets on getting the incredible, its an amazing phone, definitely as good as a evo or better if you don't want a huge phone and you want the best network. I waited 3 months for the incredible or nexus 1 to come out, keep waiting....and waiting.... they're will be a new Android phone out every couple months