Droid Incredible OTA update reportedly will bring 720p video, mobile hotspot

Are you one of the lucky ones who actually has a Droid Incredible, or one of the ones who has yet to switch your order to the Droid X because you had faith in the device? Well, reports from Droid-Life are that an OTA update will be bringing both 720p video recording and mobile hotspot service to the device, along with a new boot animation. While there is no confirmation from Verizon at this time about this update, and these screen shots are all we have to go on (and for what its worth, the hotspot icon on the Droid X is different than what you see here) or any official timeframe for the roll-out, we can only hope it will be soon. Check out after the jump for the video of the new boot animation. [via Droid-Life]

Jared DiPane
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