It's official: Droid Charge goes on sale May 14

Update: Verizon just e-mailed us and has officially confirmed the Droid Charge goes on sale at midnight Eastern tonight. Huzzah!

Word around the campfire is that The Samsung Droid Charge is finally going to go on sale tomorrow, May 14, and we've now got the internal notes to back that up. It's been a long road for the 4.3-inch LTE device. It was announced four months ago at CES. But its April 28 launch date was postponed in the wake of Verizon's LTE data outage. Can't say we blame anyone for that.

So, who's picking one up tomorrow?

Thanks, anon!

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  • Didn't we get this like 9 times for the TB?
  • No, the Thunderbolt only ever had one official launch date announced by verizon. It did have plenty of unfulfilled rumors however.
  • Exactly. The official release date for the Thunderbolt was never delayed. All the release date delays were from people, especially Best Buy employees, making up dates without any official word from Verizon. All those supposed release dates other than the official March 17 release date.
  • Dammit!!!! Not while I'm doing my colon cleanse this weekend!!!!
  • My rep confirmed the release for Saturday. Plan on picking mine up!
  • @BGR is reporting it'll come out on Saturday May the 13th. Guess we won't see it till 2017.
  • Just got back from Target, and as from an earlier post you can pick them up there now.
  • Darn it!! Why isn't this site letting me post a comment? Argghhhh!!
  • Why on sale on a Saturday? I gotta beer festival to go to. I can't be drunk trying to play with this phone...
  • Gonna be hard to drink while doing a colon cleanse, eh?
  • My plans have changed at the last minute. ;-)
  • Just saw them on sale at Best Buy
  • What's full retail price at VZW?
  • I think overall the thunderbolt is a nicer phone
  • Wondering if I should put my TBolt up on Ebay and get this instead? It is a bit lighter and to me looks better in person, not better looking than the TBolt, just better looking than in photos. The screen is pretty awesome too. Especially after the recent update and all the random reboots.
  • If the battery life last a full day or more and this thing is rooted, thne I will be selling my TB and/or DX to get it. Love the TB, but battery sucks and 4g/3g transition is terrible.
  • There is already a lag fix in the works over in xda
  • Sweet mother of pearl!!
  • Thats samsung for you.
  • Thats samsung for you.
  • I work for verizon, we were just told that the phone goes on sale tomorrow, but if someone comes in wanted to buy a charge we can sell it to them today...not sure how that works, but whatever.
  • Sweet mother of baby Jesus! Okay, my work day has been rather boring, so my comments today are off the wall...
  • This may mean the 4g is fixed. just a hope