Droid Bionic launching Aug. 4, according to leaked screen

Might we finally have a launch date for the Verizon Droid Bionic? It just went through the FCC. And according to this screen shot we just received, it looks like Aug. 4 might finally be the day (which would match a third-quarter window noted previously). That would be just about seven months since the Bionic was announced by Motorola at CES. (See our hands-on.) And since that time, it's gone back underground for a hardware overhaul, and we'll likely see updated software, too. Neither the new hardware nor new software has been confirmed by Motorola or Verizon, however.

And all that said, here comes our usual "Launch dates are subject to change" speech. There's still nothing official, but this is as good as we've seen so far.

BTW: Note the confirmation of the Droid 3 launch date, too.

More: Droid Bionic forums; Thanks, Anon!

  • About time. Now if only something would leak about the SGS2 already...
  • Im waiting for the GS2 as well but I think that since the Bionic will be a droid branded power house along with the GS2 im thinking it will push the GS2 launch out till november.:(
  • I hope not. remember that the gs2 will be all carriers. and since bionic is Verizon, might not affect the launch overall? I hope!
  • Its the lawsuit with apple that is causing tthe delay. Samsung can't ship phones because apple is trying to get a ban of the phones in the us hence why everywhere else has a gs2 except the us.
  • cool
  • Here is to hoping its true...at the same time ill wait another month since this year is flying by...
  • The cosmos 2 is already available so its hard to believe this leak
  • Since when is the cosmos 2 out???
  • this-
  • orly?
  • The LG Cosmos 2? No it's not out yet. Still, who knows how credibile this is.
  • i was excited for this device but I've decided to stick with my Droid X and wait till my contracts up next year to get a new phone. Hopefully by then Motorola will get their stuff together regarding bootloaders and this motoblur garbage of a UI. If they don't I would probably look at the Galaxy S3 at that point.
  • With how things are going, by the time your contract is up next year the galaxy S2 still won't have launched........well at least not in the US anyway.
  • Lets hope this is true. Atleast more info is starting to get out.
  • I just wish it was available overseas then it would be a perfect cure for my I-Phone.
  • Would also be cool if it ran ice-cream sandwich
  • If ics was out then maybe but sinxe it hasnt even been announced yet.
  • o rly? http://www.androidcentral.com/ice-cream-sandwich-officially-announced-co...
  • Seeing how the newest os comes to nexus first and said. Q4 last I checked aug is still q3 which is when bionic is said to launch.
  • And on another side-note,the 14th of July is again listed as the official instore release date of the Droid 3.
  • Let's hope its true. This would be right in line with the Aug. 7 confidentiality agreement reported earlier. Now if my old faithful OG Droid can just make it one more month!
  • Moto makes some seriously badass devices, I just wish they would start using some AMOLED screen tech tho instead of LCD.
  • Well Samsung wont cough them up because that would level the playing field aa little since samsung owns in the screen dept.
  • This is y,im seriously thinkin about waitin 4 the nexus prime-HD screen,icream sandwich 4.0,4.5 screen,1.5 TI processor etc;and FYI-these or my offical specs.
  • Because you know it will even come to verizon? There is no guarantee verizon will get it. Especially seeing how no nexus is on verizon now.
  • I would like to know where this screenshot is from, Verizon, Bestbuy, Costco???
  • After the Thunderbolt, you guys should know that you add 6 months to the first published date, and that will be the launch date.
  • It will be 7 months from when it was first announced. Atleast moto changed it htc still shipped the tb with lots of issues
  • So the "End of Waiting" is only a month away...
  • what is the Bionic "linked to" and why is the droid III "linked" and the Droid Bionic is "Linked"...
  • Because once droid 3 is released the gb update isis going out to droid. 2 global. Probably bionic is linked because once it ia launched the other phone which is linked to it will launch or soon after
  • I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stoked for the Bionic when it was 1st announced. My trusty Droid X was gonna be replaced by the next generation of Droid. But alas, Motorola/Verizon waited too long and my attention was caught by another. The EVO 3D is now my main squeeze and I doubt I'll be parting ways with it. But who knows....I'm still a Verizon customer and if the Bionic is bad assed enough I might shack up with it.
  • Have the specs of the Bionic been upgraded at all or are they still working with the same leaked specs from previously?
  • Idk what specs you are ttalking about but yes same ones just more ram 1gb.
  • They won't be using the Tegra 2 in this phone anymore either, still dual core but the Tegra 2 was not playing nice with the LTE radio for some reason.
  • If this follows the same pattern I say, leaked specs in about five days (if not sooner).
  • I too was interested in this phone. OMAP instead of Tegra 2 is a deal killer for me.
  • They had problems with the Tegra 2. I'm pretty sure they weighed their options and went with something that actually worked. Phone is better than no phone.
  • Omap is better than tegra 2
  • I think the Droid 3 will give a good preview as to how the Bionic's OMAP processor will perform.
  • Bionic should perform a little better since it has more ram but other than that should be similar.
  • Hey, no matter what the real reason was, Iphone 5 , or what ever it was, just glad they took the time to get it right. After the Xoom was sent out with out the LTE and no SD working. Due to the fact that that had to as they had the exclusive rights to get it to market first with Honeycomb, no one else could for a bit of time. All the Xoom owners are still bitching about stuff, if they get products out to soon , we bitch if everything is just not right, if it takes to long to come to market we bitch were is it. Dam. Think about it there lots of $$$ at state and companies have to try to get it right. Remember those of us who use android Central and Droid life and all the other ones make up a very small percent of the end users. Most of those folks will will buy the dam thing have never herd of it till when it comes out. think of all the upgrades they put into it. They could of dumped out what they had wait 6 mo, come out with a Bionic 2 and those that bought it would be bitching about know how they got screwed. I never seen such a bunch of fucken wieners. fyi, I love my android phone , my Xoom, my Mac, and my ipods, and my windows PC. Tech is Tech and I do not take sides.
  • You are whining lol. So with your post you did exactly what you say everyone else is doing lol
  • Actually he's making a point, and a very valid one at that.
  • Was excited about the Bionic when it was first announced but I think I'll hang onto the trusty Droid X for now. At the rate phones are being released now the next superphone is right around the corner.
  • what is so special about the sg2? its Samsung American branded carrier devise. enough said run away very far away.
  • Anyone know if its really going to have a 4.5 screen or was that just assumed because everyone thought the leaked pic was with an atrix and then it turned out to be a defy with a 3.7 inch screen? I know it dwarfed that phone but it was over a half inch smaller than we thought.
  • I wish it would be a five inch screen set it apart from other large phones.
  • Droid X makes me happy.
  • I am inclined to hold onto my X for awhile now that I have CM7 going on. Made me much happier with my phone. The bionic is still a possibility though, assuming it's not an epic failure.
  • Good to hear bionic coming. I've gotten 2 replacement dx's and the wifi signal sucks. This will be my new toy come august. I have lte all around me so this is gonna br sweet. Just hope they get roms etc for it quick
  • the bionic has a VGA FFC..ugh..just like apple iphone 4 phones do..ill stick with my LG Revo..Samsung should make phones anymore and keep making other electronics...only their phones get them in trouble..besides..cheap plastic isnt very impressive