DraftKings is coming to Boost Mobile with exclusive contests and credits

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What you need to know

  • Boost Mobile customers will be able to sign up for exclusive DraftKings contests where it is legal to do so.
  • Boost is offering new customers a free $50 Sportsbook bet to new users placing their first bets.
  • This integration starts with an NBA Finals contest on June 11 and end at the start of the Finals.

Boost Mobile announced a partnership with DraftKings to bring exclusive contests to Boost Mobile customers. Boost Mobile's owner DISH partnered with DraftKings in early March 2021 to bring betting to its Hopper TV platform. Boost Mobile customers will be able to sign up for exclusive contests starting with a $100,000 NBA Finals contest with users guessing the total number of points scored throughout the series. This contest starts on June 11 and ends at the start of the Finals on July 8.

Speaking to CNET executive vice president of Boost Mobile, Stephen Stokols said:

"We try to go where the big carriers are too conservative to go. I don't think you'll see Verizon doing something in a betting space," and suggests that his company's wireless rival may be beholden to a "corporate sort of, like, political correctness."

New Boost Mobile customers will be able to get a $50 Sportsbook bet with a $5 deposit and their first bet. Boost will also give new DraftKings users can also get a free $3 ticket to a contest when they deposit $5 and enter a paid contest.

Boost Mobile will also allow any DraftKings users to deposit cash to their accounts in "many thousands" of its stores. Users do not have to be Boost Mobile customers to use this service. Though it's not available yet, Boost Mobile intends to eventually allow users to withdraw their winnings at its stores.

Boost Mobile is a prepaid carrier owned by DISH operating on the T-Mobile and Sprint networks. DISH acquired Boost Mobile as part of the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile and will continue to use the T-Mobile network while it builds its own 5G network. The best Boost Mobile phones run on the T-Mobile network with and its plans rival the best cell phone plans while offering new services like the security-focused Privacy Premium under DISH.

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