Don't want that bloatware on your EVO 3D? Simply uninstall them, no root required

Shocking, we know, but it appears as though Sprint and/or HTC have gone a step above with the EVO 3D and made it really easy to remove extra -- without requiring the device to be rooted.

Folks are reporting in our forums that all you have to do is go to your application list, (settings then applications) and then simply uninstall it as you would any other application that you downloaded or installed. The only application you're not able to delete is Sprint ID. But, hey, compared to being stuck with all the rest, that isn't so bad. So, what are you waiting for, get to removing, and let us know how it goes in the forums!

Source: Android Central Forums

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  • This is good news. Will be better if we get an EvO 3D review today *aghem* =]
  • I'm still hoping for one too, but after seeing people's thoughts in the forums and playing with a retail unit yesterday, I'm sold! Tomorrow morning cannot get here fast enough. lol
  • Nice, HTC has been losing a lot of points in my book lately, but this is a step in the right direction. Having to root to remove the crap is not a problem for power users but for normals this is really handy.
  • You'll probably want to thank Sprint for this one. HTC has no control over the bloatware. Thank you, Sprint!
  • FINALLY! Bring this to the Evo 4G please!
  • Probably not going to happen even though it would be the way to go. The 4G has much less internal memory than the 3D, it really suffers with the bloatware!
  • All memory on all devices is "internal". "memory" is RAM. I think you meant "storage".
  • Verizon should do this on all their phones. Nerds like us care and will uninstall but the noobs wont ever know or care. Win win!
  • True nerds use Sprint. Nerds like Sprint users care about getting the most bang for their buck, but Verizon noobs won't ever know or care. Win win!
  • Hopefully this is a trend that all carriers start following...
  • Some of us use Big Red purely due to coverage. While it's still spotty in my apartment (combination of building materials and nearby hills, I think), at least there is coverage. I have to go a mile or two away before I can get a signal from other carriers (I've tried all of the big four). This is in the DC suburbs, not the middle of nowhere. If coverage weren't an issue, I would have gone with T-mobile a long time ago for better "bang for the buck" than Sprint offers. But with the absorption of T-mobile by ATT, I can understand people bailing out from that sinking ship.
  • Don't hold your breath on VZW doing it anytime soon.
  • The only thing VZW does "soon" is launch not-ready-for-prime-time phones....and then spends the next 6 months trying to "fix" them before giving up and moving on.
  • Am I the only one that thinks this was a MISTAKE? LOL. . . I very much expect this to be FIXED with another update.
  • I too believe this must be a mistake that will be fixed in the future. I hope not though, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  • Doubt it is a mistake. Carriers are paid to put bloatware on phones, but once its there they make no more money on it, and it garners a lot of user complaints. So by making it removable they get win win. Downside: Because you can remove it, they will probably load more shovelware onto these phones in the future.
  • I don't know, the Atrix was released the same way. :-)
  • I would have to agree that this seems like something that is going to get "fixed"
  • Ugh. Growing more and more jealous of Sprint everyday; stupid Verizon.
  • Not a Sprint customer but that is the kind of stuff that makes wish I was. Great job Sprint. Curious to know just how many of those memory jamming apps that you can remove??? There are many on my Sensation I am dying to get rid of, just waiting for root.
  • Unused apps don't use any memory. But they do use storage.
  • Maybe this was meant to compensate for a locked bootloader?
  • The bootloader is not locked on the Evo 3D.
  • Are you 100% positive about this ? Would make my decision between this and the future galaxy s 2 easier
  • The bootloader is currently locked. They've said they won't lock future devices a month ago, but there's been no mentioned since then and they're shipping locked.
  • What a novel idea. I have no problem with pre-installed apps but making you keep them unless your willing to root and void the warranty is about a dumb idea as they get. Many of them run in the background and yes I know Android manages RAM well but not as well as I would like. It is noticeable when RAM is low and the system is shutting down things while your opening others. A distinct lag takes place that isn't there if a lot of RAM is already available so if there's an app that always likes to be in the background that I don't use it's better that it's simply uninstalled.
  • Somehow Sprint even rigged the cache to have their stupid bloatware loaded in cache, even though I *never* use their apps. So when I want to run one of the apps I *DO* use, the OS has to unload their junk to make room. This lowers performance and doesn't make any sense. And yes, I am quite sure about it.... I watched it happen over and over and over again with apps I NEVER use, and all of them were Sprint bloatware.
  • I bet they are going to rectify their mistake soon with another update to lock you into NASCAR.
  • You can't delete the Amazon MP3 app either.
  • I've never really understood why people hate this app so much. It's actually one of the few bloatware apps that I'd keep. Then again, if you know you'll never use it then why have it take up space, right? I believe the Spider-man game, and Sprint Zone are also stuck on there, further leading me to believe that it wasn't intended and that an update will rectify the problem.
  • people hate to have anything forced on them that they don't want. if i don't use or want an app, no matter how great it may be, i don't want it forced on me. the sheer fact that it's forced is reason enough to hate it.
  • I don't want it because I'm never going to use it. Ever. So it might as well be gone.
  • ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! I second the commenter who said please bring this to the EVO 4G! Will this feature work on ALL Sprint installed apps? Or just apps the company has data on proving they are "not used"?
  • I am now hooked on custom ROMS (KangBang ftw) and wouldn't go back to unrooted unless forced to do so, but I may never have even tried rooting if I could have removed the bloatware.
    If my contract was up I'd likely switch to Sprint. Keep it up! Being less lame is a great business strategy.
  • this is pushing me one step closer to leaving vzw and going to sprint :)
  • Just come on over. We would love to have you. Don't forget if you come over before the 24th you'll get an extra $125 plus you can get the evo for free. Just do that and then after couple days return it for the evo3d and still keep your $125.
  • Awesome!!! Thanks Sprint/HTC. Choice is a great thing, now how about giving the choice to opt out of using sense, as well as letting us choose which HTC specific apps we want to use?
  • Good move. The people who uninstall them wouldn't use them anyway. I always wondered why phones were different than computers in this aspect. I might not have rooted if I had this option with my Shift. I only used Wireless Tether once to try it out and the Adfree app is the only other thing I use which requires root and I could do without that to have hassle free updates directly from Sprint and not have to mess with loading root free roms and doing backups and all the other junk involved in rooting just to get rid of bloat. This will probably reduce issues with people bringing their phones back after messing up the root process. I wonder if Sprint will get less money for the bloatware now since people can remove them. Does Sprint ID work on top of Sense or does it replace Sense if you choose to use the ID? I thought they were both OS customizations. I know with the Optimus you can basically have a stock Android phone if you don't choose an ID when you set it up.
  • Most bloatware on sprint doesnt require extra money. They mostly use it to make sprint more appealing. example: nascar, I know some who choose sprint just because of the nascar app and back when we had nfl app I knew some who chose sprint just for that. So sprint sees it as a bonus of having sprint and with some things like sprint tv they can make a little more money by supplying extra channels at a cost.
  • I have no problem with them bundling whatever they like, as long as they make it easy to remove the stuff. I was very unhappy I could not remove the junk off the Evo 4G without having to root it. Sprint even somehow rigged the cache to keep it reloading those apps in unused memory, despite the fact that I *NEVER* used them. That was cache space much better suited for apps I actually used. Now if they could just go the last few steps and make Sprint Zone (and supposedly Spiderman) removable too...
  • I didn't think EVO 3D had Sprint ID. I think Jared made a typo. I think he meant to say Sprint Zone.
  • That's correct Sprint Zone! No Sprint ID.
  • I just removed NASCAR and Blockbuster. Blockbuster if you opened by accident would grab all these movies jpgs and fill the memory up.
  • It would not fill up memory. Perhaps you mean it would fill up your storage space?
  • This is great news. I bet sprint is allowing this so that less people choose to root their phone to do this. Maybe they should offer something like free hotspot up to 1gb and then charge you $10 per gb after you go past it.
  • That would be wonderful. But I wouldn't hold your breath... Besides, Sprint Zone has to go too (and from what I heard, "Spiderman" also). So root will still be needed to get rid of those.
  • I have a Motorola Droid X on Verizon and could they ever take a lesson on doing what the customer wants. Way to go, show the world how it's done!
  • I know this is off topic.... but to the users that have received their 3d has the battery been holding up? Any better than the 4G? Thanks
  • looks like this wasn't a mistake... sprint just tweeted saying this was one of the htc evo 3d 4g's fun fact
  • Too bad you can't remove Sprint Zone, which is the FIRST thing I would want to remove. It is infamous for running in the background and talking to servers. No want! Otherwise, good move!
  • I am just as excited as everyone in this post especially because I'm a Sprint customer. I have the Nexus S 4G but have too many problems with reception and I'm seriously thinking about picking up the Evo 3D. However, there's one question no one asked about this new phone and that's the ability to disable HTC Sense. If this is possible like the Evo 4G then I'm sold. Does anyone know if sense can be disabled on the Evo 3D?
  • Are you seriously asking that? Sense is REALLY integrated with Android you can't just "turn it off", using a replacement launcher is as far as you can go. Also HTC didn't spend all of their resources and time for people to just turn it off. Make sure of what you want before you get rid of your stock android.
  • Actually on a rooted EVO with stock Sprint ROM It's very easy to remove sense. The Apk is named rosie and simply renaming it removes sense freeing up quite a few system resources.
  • I upgraded from HTC EVO to the HTC EVO 3D, and althought I was not really excited about the change... I have to say, I totally LOVE my 3D..... The Phone is awesome, Its basically an improved EVO... I personally dont record 3D video that much bc I dont like to give my phone the ability to make me vomit.... I know, it sounds sick, but it seriously gives me motion sickness..... But I would not trade this phone for any other at this time :)
  • Soory, future HTC evo 3d users, Bloatware CANNOT be removed without rooting the phone. As of now only a temp root is available. Which Im not interested in. So please...this article is NOT correct as of still.
  • If you're TRULY HARDCORE, you can COMPLETELY ditch Sprint, EVEN as a carrier. Im using a "home" 4g service for my 4g/3g service, and a local independant prepay for CDMA. In total I'm paying just under $35/month for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING, just like I was paying sprint $140/month for. Not only that but I get better and faster 4g/3g service, no data caps, and no roaming. Best of all, ITS COMPLETELY LEGAL!!!(because of the FCC regs Google pushed through) This is NOT for the feint of heart, it requires a rooted phone, deep knowledge of Android, and lots of patience. Nearly everyday I have to tweak my phone, and EVERY big update of any apps this hack uses(such as Google Voice) requires me to pretty much start from scratch. Don't get me wrong, Sprint is the best carrier I've ever had. I LOVED Sprint for the longest time! Then they screwed me over 3 months in a row and I ditched them on principle. All the info is out there on the net for those who know where to look... Happy Hunting :-) Edit: I'm using an HTC Evo for this, but it should be possible for the 3d as well...